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The Future of Work is Here This Week in Miami at ITEXPO #TechSuperShow


With the traditional workplace being drastically altered, first, by the onset of the pandemic that forced workers to work remotely, and now as various industries bring their workers back on to the premises and notice numerous return-to-workplace realities. It is clear the continued use of up-to-date AI and disruptive technologies will interject with human factors such as employee experience, workplace culture, and collaboration.

From June 22nd to 25th, ITEXPO will be held in Miami, Florida, and display the “Future of Work” event, detailing the effects of new technologies and demographics in permanently reshaping the workplace environment. Speakers at the event will provide technology executives with actionable strategies to retain high standards when navigating the unmarked landscape of workplace productivity impacted by new disruptive technologies by covering:

  • Enabling collaboration and remote work through various new technologies to better employee experience.

  • Increasing customer engagement strategies through the utilization of new technologies that redefine the market.

  • Encouraging different approaches to HR, Staffing, and Training.

  • Facilitating a new Workplace Culture and considering the effects of new technologies on Employee Experience.

  • Enhancing Productivity by evaluating new Efficiency Tools and Strategies.

  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest emerging technologies that support the Future of Work by facilitating further growth.

  • Augmenting the workforce with new AI and Automation Tools to grow productivity exponentially.

The Future of Work Expo will enable executives to use practical strategies and tactics to lead their organization through a tumultuous period of workplace disruption by focusing on technology, people, and process and advising companies on how to manage the reimagination of their workplace, including the implementation of the latest and most competitive technologies.

Speakers include:

Ajit Pantankar - Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Head of Product Marketing and Business Development, Cloud Communications

Frank Azor - AMD, Chief Architect

Steve Forcum - Avaya, Director, and Chief Evangelist

Eric Klein - Cloudonix, COO

Maulik Shah - Ecosmob, Co-Founder

Ruchir Brahmbhatt - Ecosmob, Co-Founder

Lisa Walker - Fuze, VP of Brand and Workforce

Eric Burger - Georgetown University, Professor

Clyde Logue - Glance, VP of Product

Tom Martin - Glance Networks, CEO

Naina Raisinghani - Google, Product Manager

Jon Arnold - J Arnold & Associates, Principal

Tirza Hollenhorst - Luman, CEO

David Silke - Mitel, Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Schwalbe - NimbeLink, CEO/CO-Founder

Phil Edholm - PKE, President and Principal

Steven McCaffrey - Provinti, CTO

Nabeel Mahmood - SCB Global, Director of Americas

Fletcher Hamilton - Sevis Systems, CEO

Murph Krajewski - Sharpen, CMO

Ric Kosiba - Sharpen, Chief Data Scientist

Tim Watson - Smart Logistics, CEO

Ed Cabrera - Trend Micro, Chief Cybersecurity Officer

Tom Phelan - Unified Office, CTO & VP of Technology

Matt Florell - Vicidial, President

Brian Gilman - Vonage, Head of Product Marketing

Harry Moseley - Zoom, Global CIO

Gary Sorrentino - Zoom, Global Deputy CIO

Learn more about Future of Work here (add LINK here)

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Future of Work Contributor

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