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Ivanti Platform Improves Digital Employee Experience


Ivanti, the Ivanti Neurons automation platform provider, revealed in a recent study that almost half of employees are frustrated by company-provided tech and 26% are considering leaving their job because of it. To help IT teams to better understand, measure and improve their digital employee experience, Ivanti released Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience.

Ivanti Neurons is a hyperautomation platform that leverages AI and machine learning to address the growing demands placed on IT and security teams amid the global shift to remote and hybrid work. Ivanti Neurons uses hyperautomation to provide real-time intelligence across all assets in the everywhere workplace, including every endpoint and the IoT edge, while delivering a consumer-grade employee experience.

“Through the Ivanti Neurons platform we enable enterprises to quantify and optimize the employee experience,” said Nayaki Nayyar, president and chief product officer at Ivanti. “Our autonomous platform provides a seamless employee experience across all devices and offers unparalleled capabilities to organizations.”

Ivanti Neurons for Digital Experience will equip IT teams with contextual insights and intelligent automation to proactively detect and resolve issues and security vulnerabilities to provide better digital employee experiences and business outcomes. IT teams

  • Real-time actionable insights: Aggregate and monitor usage, performance and security data from all the devices and applications employees use to be productive.
  • Understand employee sentiment: Go beyond post-ticket surveys and collect contextual sentiment via interactive automation bots to understand employees’ experience with the technology they use to get their job done.
  • Track and optimize experience over time: Measure, score and optimize the digital employee experience to track experience over time and predict potential productivity degradation.
  • Prevent issues before they happen: Surface potential IT and security issues and make recommendations on actions to remediate and improve the digital employee experience.
Through the Ivanti Neurons platform, Ivanti is positioned to provide a complete digital experience viewpoint of the employee. This will drive improvements using pre-ticket and post-ticket interactive technology, extensive remediation through no-code and low-code platform, and provide real-time contextual intelligence.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

Future of Work Contributor

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