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Spot Enhances Digital Workplace App


Today’s digital ecosystem caused the majority of office collaboration and activities to be done virtually. A digital workplace ranges from email and instant messaging to virtual meeting tools to cloud resources and even to shared social media or business applications.

With the mindset that team members should have great company culture to drive high performance, Spot, a next-generation communications app for teams, was introduced in June 2021.

Spot enabled organizations to create an office using a template or from scratch. With their avatar, users meet in real time within that created office space to stay connected. And since its introduction, Spot has seen more than 8,000 custom workplaces as organizations transform their distributed working experience from a flat list of text and tiles to a more connected virtual experience.

Building on that success, Spot 2.0 was unveiled with new features, including:

  • Team Chat 2.0: Channels, threads, direct messages and reactions are seamlessly integrated. Not only that, but Spot built them the way they wish chats were done in other chat tools.
  • Major UI overhaul: Driven by customer feedback, Spot improved the aesthetic and usability of the product – from the application layout to the world itself.
  • Avatars: The avatar system was completely redone and is more customizable and inclusive.
  • API: Every space inside Spot is now fully programmable. Change the color of a lamp or launch fireworks every time the CI build completes.
  • Mobile Improvements: The Spot mobile experience has undergone a major revamp and is more user friendly.
  • Search: Full message search capabilities in addition to the existing quick search.
  • Customizability: Hundreds of new assets, including portals between different spaces. Advanced editing capabilities such as marquee select, revision history and undo/redo.

With Spot 2.0, users connect through their browser to a lightweight virtual office that enables high performing organizations and communities to communicate more effectively and increase engagement.

Spot plans include the Free plan for up to six members and the Business plan that is $17 per user per month for up to 50 members.

Edited by Erik Linask

Future of Work Contributor

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