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AI Stars in New VoC Solution


Years back, Wesley Snipes challenged Woody Harrelson to hear Jimi Hendrix. While Snipes felt this impossible to Harrelson, it is not impossible for the enterprise to enhance the customer experience by hearing the Voice of the Customer (VoC), and then allow that data to guide decision making to enhance operations and service delivery.

Verint announced the addition of Anomaly Detection to its suite of VoC solutions. With Anomaly Detection in place, companies can leverage the analytics driven solution to gain insights and improve the customer experience and boost bottom line results.

“Millions of customer interactions happen every day, creating more feedback and new ways to gain insights,” said Jaime Meritt, CTO and chief architect, Verint.

Anomaly Detection relies on AI and machine learning to provide teams with near real time insight into the quality of the customer experience and impact NPS, customer satisfaction and more.

Specifically speaking, three key features include constant monitoring of NPS, driver or CSAT scores; rapid investigation into causes behind customer experience disruption; and real time alerts via email or SMS.

“Our advancements in automation and machine learning help companies run enterprise-strength VoC programs that capture and analyze feedback, monitor dips and surges to CX metrics in real time and connect that data to CX drivers and outcomes. Verint VoC gives companies what they need to automate and operationalize CX.”

There’s no margin for error in the contact center, it is mission critical to listen to your customers and deliver on demands.

What’s in your contact center?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Future of Work Contributor

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