Greg Tavarez


Greg is a writer for TMC's family of digital properties, covering a broad range of business technologies. He brings more than 8 years of content writing and editing experience to TMC, having spent time as content producer and editor with USA Today Network and GateHouse Media. Greg earned his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.



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Intermedia Unite AI Assistant Integrates Generative Power into Communications Hub 01/08/2024
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SoundHound AI Expands Voice AI Capabilities in Restaurants with SYNQ3 Acquisition 12/19/2023
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Navixus: Tech Mahindra's Power Move to Amplify Productivity and Revenue in Digital Overhaul 12/14/2023
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Egnyte and Microsoft Reinforce Commitment to Hybrid Work with Collaboration Upgrades 09/27/2023
Data Meets Edge AI through Lenovo's Vision for Next-Generation Intelligence 09/27/2023
ServiceNow Introduces Automation Solutions in Vancouver Release 09/25/2023's Enhanced AI Capabilities Drive Success for Retail-Focused Consumer Brands 09/21/2023
WiMi Advances Communication with Real-Time 3D Holographic System 09/21/2023
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