Greg Tavarez


Greg is a writer for TMC's family of digital properties, covering a broad range of business technologies. He brings more than 8 years of content writing and editing experience to TMC, having spent time as content producer and editor with USA Today Network and GateHouse Media. Greg earned his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.



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Wrike Further Innovates in Collaborative Work Management with Latest AI Features 05/04/2023
OpenAI's GPT-4 Search System Integration in SecurityScorecard Provides Faster Security Insights 05/03/2023
Abnormal Platform Enhancements Expand Security Against Multi-Channel Attacks 05/03/2023
SentinelOne Harnesses Power of Generative AI to Safeguard Enterprises 05/01/2023
AVI Systems Expands Velocity Meeting Rooms to Meet Hybrid Optimization Specifications 04/27/2023
Ada Ushers in the Future of Customer Service with Generative AI Capabilities 04/25/2023
UiPath and Amelia Join Forces to Revolutionize Employee Experience with AI and Automation 04/24/2023
Poly's Next-Generation Hybrid Work Devices Powered by NuCurrent 04/21/2023
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Info-Tech Lays Out Blueprint to Help CISOs Secure Their Organizations 04/20/2023
Deliver a More Immersive Classroom Experience with WiMi Holographic Remote Education 04/19/2023
Tethr Live: A Real-Time Conversation Analytics Solution That Helps Agents, Not Distracts Them 04/18/2023
Redbrick's Patented OOBC Technology is Disrupting the Metaverse Industry 04/18/2023
Talk to ChatGPT with Innovative Eyewear's Smart Eyewear App 04/18/2023
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Vonage AI Acceleration Suite Simplifies Development of Smarter Business Applications 04/05/2023
RealWear Products Enhance Productivity while Keeping Frontline Workers Safe 04/04/2023
UJET and Google Escalate Future of Customer and Employee Experience 04/04/2023
Gone are the Days of Carrying Multiple Devices with RingCentral's New Frontline Worker Solution 04/03/2023
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Companies Need to Reconsider Design of AI Tools to Deliver Better CX 03/31/2023
Small Businesses Favor a BlueJeans Fit 03/27/2023
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Wingspan Investment Further Simplifies Payroll, Benefits Management 03/23/2023
Employees Call for Higher Focus on Safety 03/22/2023
Juji Taps into Generative AI to Automate Cognitive AI Chatbot Creation 03/22/2023
SpyCloud Finds Worrying Shift in Exposed Credentials Trend 03/21/2023
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Responsible Technology Becomes Pressing Need 01/23/2023
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Mobeus Innovates New VR Genre 01/18/2023
Balto Lights Beacon for Agent Empowerment 01/17/2023
Box Enhances Salesforce Integration 01/13/2023
Prodoscore Supports Growth with PSG Investment 01/06/2023
ZIRO and Dubber Turn Calls into AI Notes on Teams 01/06/2023
Vbrick Ramps Up Enterprise Content Delivery Network Capabilities 01/06/2023
NICE Provides On-Demand Access to CX Data and AI 01/05/2023
XR Video Conferencing Gains Momentum from ALE and CORTEX2 01/05/2023
Dialpad Further Pushes AI Development 01/04/2023
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Cisco Moves to Protect T Ecosystems 11/18/2022
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