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Applitools Case Study Finds Thunderhead Running 48X Faster with Visual AI


Cloud software developer Applitools released a new case study that analyzes the ways visual AI can boost the speed and accuracy of maintenance testing for operating systems.

Developers of Thunderhead, an AI-driven customer engagement platform, were curious about using visual AI to validate testing. After researching the market for solutions, the company sought the help of Applitools to see how their solutions might benefit their testing process. Prior to the trial run, Thunderhead wrote Selenium tests to validate both UI behavior and end-to-end functionality. Developers also lacked any automation or visual components, which often led to code rewrites that would waste time. Both Applitools and Thunderhead teams felt that visual AI might be a key tool for assisting with platforms that require continuous development.

According to the study,  Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub ran tests 48x faster using Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud.  Along with the significant speed upgrade, developers became much more productive by eliminating time consuming context-switching. The program also provided developers with added peace of mind by catching up on testing that would normally take hours to complete manually.

"We are pleased to see the incredible impact Applitools is having on Thunderhead and its software development team," said Gil Sever, co-founder and CEO at Applitools. "Thunderhead's ability to deliver flawless experiences to their users is paramount to the success of hundreds of global companies. We're proud to help them along their journey and look forward to creating more ways for the Thunderhead engineering team to deliver new and improved features to their customers."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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