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WVU Finds Administrative Support Through Olive's AI


The West Virginia University Health System recently announced it will be extending it’s business relationship with workforce-AI provider Olive. WVU originally sought the services of Olive in early 2020 to provide automated support back office claims management. After noticing improvements after the AI deployment, the university decided to expand Olive’s automation program through the entire WVU Medicine program.

Using AI command center AlphaSite, WVU will be scaling Olive’s software across the entire enterprise,  supporting routine administrative tasks so employees can focus on tasks that require human attention. Processes such as insurance verification or patient authorizations will be managed through self-service and automation software, alleviating many tasks that can often take up valuable time for human agents.

"WVU Medicine's mission is to improve the health of West Virginians and all we serve through excellence in patient care, research, and education. With Olive, we are in a prime position to streamline some of our administrative processes, and to lead the charge on technological innovation," said Jim Venturella, CIO of WVU Medicine. "This important technology will be pivotal in helping us redistribute valuable time and resources across our organization."

WVU is not the only health organization finding relief from Olive’s AI support. The company revealed that it’s AI workforce is currently being used by more than 675 hospitals in the US, 20 of those ranking within the top 100 health systems across the entire nation.

"Silicon Valley is no longer the sole nexus of technology leadership -- cities like Columbus, Ohio, and Morgantown in WVU's backyard, are becoming hubs for innovation.” added Sean Lane, CEO of Olive “Together we're building the Internet of Healthcare to connect our health system, deliver better patient outcomes and create jobs across the country."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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