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Addressing Company Culture With The As-A-Service Model


The last year and a half has been generally stressful for both employees and business leaders. The pandemic forced many people to completely reevaluate their feelings toward the way they conduct business, with many realizing that it may be time to part ways with the typical 9-5 schedule. As a result, the collective workforce is becoming increasingly selective about how and where they want to work. This is causing many companies to reconsider their attention toward company culture, and maintain a competitive edge amongst the competition.

The post-pandemic economy has created new demands for potential hires. Now that most workers have become comfortable with remote, hybrid work environments, going back to the office full time is losing appeal. According to a recent study by Microsoft, 40% of workers are willing to leave their current jobs if remote working is not incorporated. This poses a significant threat for businesses, as the pandemic has already created labor shortages that are stalling economic growth. If businesses fail to adapt to the new demands of employees, it could have a detrimental effect on the company’s strength moving forward.

This realization has sparked a new movement toward culture-as-a-service, which would use the common IT service model to offer businesses a comprehensive approach to addressing the core values within an organization. Jan Wildeboer of RedHat has recognized that this will likely be a future element of HR departments across the globe, stating:

 “Companies cannot simply prescribe or enforce a culture that’s not shared and accepted by its employees. There has to be give and take between empowering employees and listening to their individual needs and finding a compromise that’s reflective of all opinions and viewpoints. That’s why business leaders need to work hard to maintain continuous communication between employees – particularly at a time like this where remote working is the norm.”

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