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Ceridian Report Finds More Employers Using AI for Recruitment Purposes


Human capital management company Ceridian has released the 2021 Future of Work Report, a compilation of research that analyzes the various ways companies and business leaders are preparing for the future.

The latest edition of the report finds that artificial intelligence has been a common trend among survey businesses, with many planning to utilize AI for human resource purposes. While many industry leaders are looking at AI through the lens of productivity, many HR departments are using this technology to make better, more accurate recruitment choices for open positions. According to the report, 46% of surveyed executives stated that AI tools will be used for recruiting and talent management, with 42% saying they have already implemented such resources.

“AI has become a very powerful tool for recruiters globally, as it allows employers to make more accurate, efficient, and fair talent decisions, which is especially important now given that competition for talent and the need to make quick hiring decisions has never been higher.” commented Steve Knox, Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition, Ceridian.

It turns out that AI may have a larger responsibility for recruitment in the near future than previously thought, partially as a result of the pandemic. Ceridian’s report also found that gig workers will be a significant part of many future company workforces, with 35% stating they will be utilizing freelance workers more heavily over the next five years. A lack of full-time employees means recruitment efforts must be more active, making artificial intelligence a convenient solution for finding the appropriate talent in time-sensitive situations.

Knox added, “One trend we’re seeing is that talent – even those working as salaried, full-time employees – is beginning to embrace the tenets of the gig economy, seeking roles for shorter periods of time with multiple organizations. We believe this approach to work life will become the norm, and the data shows that employers are already beginning to adjust their recruitment and talent management strategies accordingly.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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