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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Launches Line of Digitally Enhanced IP Deskphones


Work culture has evolved quite dramatically over the last two years. After an experimental phase of using digital technology to manage tasks from socially distanced locations, many business leaders are transitioning employees to permanent remote and hybrid setups to maintain flexibility at all times.

To help businesses meet the needs of both customers and employees in this new era of work, cloud-based communications solutions company Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise recently launched a new line of desk phones featuring digitally enhanced features and updated designs.

The new line of Alcatel-Lucent desk phones are divided into the following three tiers:

Basic –Iincludes the ALE-2 desk phone, which offers customers SIP connectivity, a 2.8” screen, 4 way navigation, wideband audio, 3+4 contextual keys, and a GE PC port.

Essential – Includes the ALE-20, ALE-20h phone models, providing customers with IP connectivity, 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 2x3 programmable keys, backlit screen, and USB a/c. This tier also includes the  ALE-30, which offers 2x5 programmable keys and a color screen.

           ALE 500 Enterprise Tier in Blue

Enterprise – ALE’s most sophisticated line of desk phones. This tier includes the ALE-300, which offers users a color screen, 2x5 keys, and a super-wideband corded handset. Customers can also upgrade to the ALE-400 and ALE-500, offering iPad-esque touch displays and design, as well as a corded or cordless handset. Enterprise phones can also be customized in four unique colors to match the style of any office environment or personal preference.

Other notable features in ALE desk phones include 3D Symphonic HD audio, USB/WLAN/Bluetooth compatibility,and centralized management capabilities to support the needs of any remote/hybrid workforce.

“The new Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise desk phones are part of the latest generation of devices that leverage the most advanced technological innovations to offer unprecedented audio quality.” commented Nicolas Brunel, EVP, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Communication Business Division. “ The desk phones have been made to connect to the enterprise environment, even when working remotely. Their design and advanced capabilities make them an essential component of any digital workplace in combination with our communication servers and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s cloud-based Rainbow UCaaS platform.”

Edited by Erik Linask

Future of Work Contributor

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