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Poly Indentifies 12 Considerations for Navigating Hybrid Working


Hybrid working is becoming more permanent as 38% of the workforce are now hybrid workers, according to Microsoft’s latest Work Trends Index, and a majority of organizations are finding it difficult to make the new model a success. Because of these challenges, Poly is working with the research team at WORKTECH Academy on a rolling program around hybrid working.

Poly published a new report titled “The Journey to Hybrid Working: Twelve Considerations,” in partnership with workplace research platform WORKTECH Academy, exploring 12 considerations for companies to navigate hybrid working and identifying the key challenges around people, technology and spaces that employers face.

The 12 considerations within that report are:

  • Returners versus choice-givers,
  • In-person versus digital presence,
  • Always on versus overwork,
  • Rime versus place,
  • Formal versus informal collaboration,
  • Alone versus together,
  • Physical versus psychological comfort,
  • Diversity versus inclusion,
  • Siloed versus unified services,
  • Standardized versus personalized,
  • Efficiency versus experience, and
  • Monocentric versus polycentric.

“By identifying the 12 considerations of hybrid working, Poly is outlining some of the key themes and challenges organizations will face in the future as they start to implement hybrid working models,” said John Goodwin, senior vice president of public affairs at Poly. “Identifying the challenges and opportunities in hybrid working now, will pave the way for organizations to plot successful hybrid working strategies."

Based on the key areas that Poly and WORKTECH Academy explored, organizations must outline expectations around etiquette in a world where time and place is becoming increasingly blurred; know their workforce to understand behaviors and preferences; and balance being prescriptive and allow employees choice and personalization on how they work and collaborate.

Hybrid work environments require the correct technology investment to extend employees’ sense of purpose and belonging outside the office. Equality of experience is important for inclusive organizations because it allows everyone to feel involved regardless of their location and individual characteristics.

"For organizations to seize the opportunities created by hybrid working, first they have to understand the complex contours of the model and recognize some inherent dichotomies,” said Jeremy Myerson, director at WORKTECH Academy. “Our first report with Poly sets out some of the key debates around hybrid working and an agenda for employees to equip themselves to face a flexible future with confidence.”

Hybrid working is a fundamental change on how employees work in the future, and “The Journey to Hybrid Working: Twelve Considerations” reported the decision points employers will face when making the transition.

These factors are keys to successfully navigating the new realities of the workplace and are featured in the exhibit hall, conference programs, and networking events at ITEXPO 2022 and Future of Work Expo 2022, part of  the #TECHSUPERSHOW experience, taking place June 21-24, 2022 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Poly is a Gold sponsor of ITEXPO and will be exhibiting in Booth #916, along with participating in conference sessions in both the ITEXPO and Future of Work conferences.

Edited by Erik Linask

Future of Work Contributor

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