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Real Madrid Unites Fans in Virtual World


As Artificial Intelligence and Augmented/Virtual Reality technologies continue to evolve, physical and virtual worlds will become increasingly intertwined.  Businesses are already looking to create new ways to leverage technology to create immersive experiences to deepen connections with their customers and uses. 

For instance, Real Madrid became the first football club in the world to unite its fans worldwide directly through its social platform, Real Madrid Virtual World.

Though the platforms, fans will be able to create their avatars, create a room and discuss or share experiences in any language by using a real-time multilingual text and voice translator chat. The creation of a community will be promoted by a geolocated ranking in which fans can earn exclusive prizes through the creation of rooms with the largest number of friends and fans possible.

Real Madrid Virtual World will also offer a realistic recreation of the tour of the Bernabéu and the Sports City. Fans will walk through its halls, view the club’s trophies in 3D or access exclusive content. The experience can be enjoyed from any mobile device, smartphone or tablet.

The application, developed by the Spanish company Astosch Technology with a Korean technology partner, is available for free in the Apple, Google and Huawei AppGallery markets and downloaded exclusively through http://onelink.to/d5thbb.

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Edited by Erik Linask

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