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ITEXPO 2022 Demo: New Virtual Meeting Software from Bublr


The busy Expo Hall at ITEXPO 2022 in Fort Lauderdale, FL hosted more than 300 companies exhibiting their business technology solutions and products. There were also two theaters were set up, equipped with screens, sound and seating, walled in to eliminate the noise from all the business being done at the convention.

The mini-theaters made perfect settings for product demonstrations, like the one Nassan Hadjoudj, CEO and founder of Bublr, presented showing off his firm’s virtual meeting-room software.

Bublr uses AI-influenced software to help create comfortable atmospheres for collusion. Choose from multiple settings for your meeting rooms, or work with Bublr to create your own unique environment. Each team has access to 10 pre-designed meeting rooms to start.

Either way, discussion rooms are equipped with branded items, such as logos and photos. Hang out on couches, if you like. Or set up the room to exactly replicate your office in the real world, minus all the papers stacked on your desk.

The goal is to establish informal discussion groups.

“What we used to call a water cooler discussion,” Hadjoudj said. “Pop in and hang out, virtually.”

It’s a two-step process:

  1. Work teams join Bublr. After the team registers, its members create their Bublr profiles.  Then they’re free to engage with other team members.
  2. People initiate meetings. With Zoom, you’re invited to a meeting. In Bublr, you’re allowed – and encouraged - to drop into team meetings uninvited.

“With two clicks, you’re able to engage,” Hadjoudj said, hoping the simplicity will reduce conflict and inspire collaboration.

Other meeting room software doesn’t provide the laid-back environment Bublr delivers, he said.

“What was missing is how we make meaningful connections between people,” Hadjoudj said. “That doesn’t happen in formal online meetings.”

Add the virtual aspect that allows you to customize your environment and display virtual versions of your product, and you’ve moved beyond meeting room software.

“You can upload content into the room before so people can participate when they arrive,” Hadjoudj said.

Though Bublr meeting rooms are accessible only to team members, you can create a special meeting room for clients. Extend an invitation to someone outside your team, and the recipient can meet with you and your team in a secure, virtual meeting room specifically designed for the situation.

“We’re trying to simplify communications between people,” Hadjoudj said. “We aim to create as many informal discussions as possible.”

Edited by Erik Linask

Future of Work Contributor

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