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Syxsense New Zero Trust Module Enables Endpoint Control


The evolving threat landscape, change of where employees work from and the adoption of new technologies have driven a change in how IT professionals approach security. As a security framework, Zero Trust initiatives require a focus on endpoint protection. However, traditional authentication solutions lack the ability to evaluate device health, ensure granular policy compliance and automate risk remediation. 

Syxsense, a unified security and endpoint management solutions provider, announced a new module within Syxsense Enterprise that will enable endpoint compliance with Zero Trust Network Access, ZTNA, policies.

Syxsense’s new Zero Trust module was designed to serve as an organization’s trust evaluation engine for endpoints. It offers visibility and control over network access policies and enables security teams to build sophisticated access policies and remediation workflows to ensure ZTNA compliance.

Features of Syxsense Zero Trust include:

  • Complete visibility into all endpoints’ configuration and state of compliance using a single agent.
  • Build sophisticated access policies based on a large array of configuration and security parameters, setting unique policies for each individual corporate asset.
  • Automate the immediate enforcement of access policy requirements and remediation of non-compliant endpoints using the Syxsense Cortex remediation engine.
  • Verify trusted user authentication requests via the Syxsense console or optionally, connect with external multi-factor authentication tools to provide a “go, no-go” security status of devices.

These tools give organizations an endpoint evaluation and network access solution for Zero Trust when combined with the simplicity of building policy playbooks quickly and using the workflow orchestration and automation tool of Syxsense Cortex.

“In talking with customers, they wanted the ability to evaluate endpoint access for ZTNA based on policies,” said Ashley Leonard, CEO of Syxsense. “Syxsense Zero Trust does just that by allowing organizations to have full control of endpoints and automating the end-to-end process.”

Syxsense Zero Trust will be available in late September 2022.

Edited by Erik Linask

Future of Work Contributor

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