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Maxhub Elucidates Hybrid Collaboration


Hosting a video conference in a hybrid workforce potentially presents challenges for organizations. For example, the remote employees will only see the presenter and the slide being discussed. At the very least, when you have part of the attendees on a call in a conference room, their images aren’t always as clear as they could be – if they’re even in view of the camera. It makes it difficult to see when they are speaking or understand their reactions.

In an all-remote environment, things are different, since every participant has their own camera. In a hybrid setting, remote users don’t always have a very effective way to engage with those who are physically in the conference room.

To help solve that challenge and bring enhanced visual clarity to hybrid conferences – focusing on the conference room participants (literally) – Maxhub introduced the 4k UHD UC P25 PTZ camera. The device is designed to deliver conferencing clarity that highlights every meeting member in detail with its 12x optical and 16x digital zoom.

Maxhub adopted low-lux technology in the UC P25 PTZ camera to enhance the images to be more vivid and identify every detail, so remote participants have a clear perspective on what conference room users are doing – as though they were actually in the room with them.

Maxhub's algorithm provides flexible integration of 2D and 3D digital noise reduction for improved noise reduction for sharper images even under low-lighting conditions. Wide dynamic range uses image exposure analysis to make the darker objects brighten and the brighter objects darken, making all objects visible even in large contrast.

The camera features a 71-degree field of view to keep every team member in view and an image flip option to help adjust the camera to match mounting choices. Remote functionality enables users to fine-tune their focus in seconds, and plug-and-play simplicity seamlessly integrates the camera with all major unified communications platforms.

The UC P25 delivers a one-cable power over Ethernet solution to reduce the overall cost of installation and allows more flexible deployment under various scenarios. With the integrated IP streaming encoder, the camera stream can be broadcast live on streaming platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook Live.

"Adaptable to any setting, the UC P25 PTZ camera promises crisp picture quality, making collaboration across cyberspace straightforward and easy," said Maxhub General Manager Darren Lin. "We truly believe virtual meetings have never looked this good.”

While it may not solve every challenge hybrid workforces come up against, Maxhub believes solving the video clarity challenge is a major step towards improving hybrid collaboration.

Edited by Erik Linask
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