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Blue Wireless and Celerway Connect Frontline Workers on the Go


New technologies, collaboration tools and devices surged across all industries during the pandemic, enabling workers to collaborate, perform and deliver better customer experiences. Frontline workers, though, work in very different environments than other employees. While many of the technologies that have been adopted by companies are effective for everyone, frontline workers have some unique needs that require dedicated solutions so they can be as effective as possible.

LTE/5G wireless network solutions provider Blue Wireless witnessed the digital transformation of frontline jobs. It also knew that many businesses faced challenges with keeping field techs and others connected securely. In response, Blue Wireless extended its portf

olio in a partnership with Celerway and will offer Celerway GO, combined with a range of data options and services.

Celerway GO is a portable, battery-powered mobile router that delivers gigabit-class connectivity with VPN encryption virtually anywhere, while being small enough to fit in a hand or stowed in a laptop case.

With the use of two simultaneous cellular WAN connections, GO gives teams working remotely secure access to company resources and IT infrastructure. Not only does it offer frontline workers the access they need, it can do the same for any remote workers.

GO is the embodiment of true connection mobility. It keeps teams connected and productive wherever they are while keeping company data secure and reducing IT workloads. It simplifies procurement, deployment and management, and all devices can be remotely configured, updated and managed through the cloud.

"Providing reliable, secure and affordable connectivity to field techs, remote workers and professionals remains a challenge for many businesses,” said Ivan Landen, CEO Blue Wireless. “The partnership with Celerway allows us to support them outside the office environment in a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective manner."

Additionally, businesses that choose Blue Wireless for Celerway equipment will benefit from pre-staging services by network experts, a range of local and international data plans and bundles with equipment such as handheld devices and smart glasses.

“We'll keep adding innovative solutions to our line-up to help customers take advantage of the tremendous business opportunities LTE/5G brings for global businesses,” said Landen.

Edited by Erik Linask
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