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Zoom, Tesla Give Work from Anywhere a Whole New Meaning


“Zoom in a vehicle” likely comes with two different meanings in today’s digital age. The obvious and traditional meaning is to pass other vehicles at a fast speed. In today’s work from anywhere world, the phrase takes on a whole new meaning with people attending Zoom meetings while in their cars.

Both bring up safety concerns, so many see why there is not an option to use Zoom video conferencing by utilizing the devices within a vehicle, such as an interior camera and touch screen. Well, that was the case until Zoom and Tesla reveal that Zoom’s video conferencing is on its way to Tesla vehicles.

This is not a surprise to the Tesla fans as Tesla released a promotional video earlier this year, and a small icon on the screen looked similar to the Zoom logo. This coincided with Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinting that attending virtual meetings in a Tesla is a future feature.

After confirming Zoom is coming to Tesla vehicles, Zoom did not say if video conferencing is available while the Tesla vehicle is in motion. However, the Zoom app is expected to be a part of Tesla Theater. The in-car app Tesla Theater allows Tesla owners to use several streaming services like YouTube and Netflix.

To anyone with questions about drivers using the Zoom feature while driving, Tesla Theater, if Zoom is part of the app, prevents the use of streaming services and apps unless the vehicle is parked, making it more useful for the driver when the vehicle is parked at a charging station.

For the equipment specifications, the vehicle’s interior camera, located within the rearview mirror, is utilized. The Tesla cabin camera resolution is 1280x960 at 36 fps, which Tesla hacker greentheonly revealed in 2021. 

The Zoom controls seem similar to the controls of a phone call. In Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, the controls appear on the bottom left corner of the display and feature options to turn the video and mic on and off. The other two buttons enable the user to view the participants on the call and end the meeting.

Zoom did not reveal an exact release date for the feature but did say it is headed to all new Tesla models soon. It is unclear if the feature will make its way to older Tesla models.

Edited by Erik Linask
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