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Cloudbrink Transforms Modern Work Environment with Hybrid Access as a Service


The network model has changed with the continued migration to the cloud. As enterprises shift to the cloud to better embrace hybrid work, their network strategy has evolved in turn. The problem is technology is not where it should be to meet the demand of enterprise users, who demand lightning-fast access to apps running in the cloud or data center – regardless of where they’re connecting from. Legacy remote access, WAN and broadband solutions are often unable to scale for the new digital workforce.

To deliver better network performance, reliability and security to the hybrid workforce, Cloudbrink emerged with $25 million in venture funding to launch its hybrid access as a service solution, which replaces legacy VPN and SD-WAN architectures and enables employees to work from anywhere in the world. Highland and The Fabric co-creation studio led the funding.

Cloudbrink’s solution transforms any home internet or cellular connection to deliver business-grade in-office performance with robust reliability and zero trust security to users wherever they are. The software-only solution increases employees' productivity and reduces enterprise threat vectors without any gateway, hardware or appliance management. With Cloudbrink’s HAaaS, user confidence is boosted as they use video calls and file uploads without glitches. No longer do they wait anxiously to see if they’ll make it through a Zoom meeting without issue.

“We're seeing an order-of-magnitude reduction in file transfer times and a terrific audio/video quality improvement,” said Prakash Mana, co-founder and CEO of Cloudbrink. “The business cares about that because when you transform the quality of experience for the user you don't just increase productivity, you transform morale." 

Enterprises that tested the technology reported a 30-times improvement to performance. For example, the software reduced the effects of packet loss on latency from 300ms on a video conference to less than 10ms.

Cloudbrink achieves this with three components. The Brink App installed on end-user devices leverages the power of AI to overcome network challenges. Enterprise access edges called Fast Edges automatically created close to the end user enable Cloudbrink to react rapidly to changes in demand. Cloudbrink software deployed in the customer's cloud environment or data center provides a secure end-to-end connection built on dark network and zero trust principles.

Cloudbrink’s approach to applying AI to edge connectivity and security puts businesses in prime position to increase productivity and collaboration.

Edited by Erik Linask

Future of Work Contributor

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