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Quantiphi's AI-led Platform Provides Total Experience


Poor customer experience have several negative impacts. Long wait times in query resolution, multiple transfers between agents, and a disproportionate amount of time spent by agents on lower order tasks all lead to low job satisfaction and high attrition, contributing to operational challenges within organizations.

As a result, organizations worldwide prioritize digital transformation, but they need a holistic experience strategy to enhance customer experiences and improve employee productivity.

AI-first digital engineering company Quantiphi’s Qollective.CX platform provides that holistic experience and leverages AI to simplify experience management for enterprise customers. The Qollective.CX platform comprises key modules designed to bridge targeted experience modernization gaps that occur at various stages of the enterprise experience journey.

It offers various pre-built virtual agents for easy deployment, a continuous workbench that ensures the virtual agent is learning to drive better CX and a seamless connection to advanced AI capabilities. It bring next-gen capabilities to traditional contact centers where native connectivity between the contact center platform and AI doesn’t exist.

The platform also enables organizations to integrate disparate systems such as CRMs, customer data platforms and virtual agents with low code and no code options.

Additionally, Qollective.CX enables organizations to monitor the overall contact center health, key call trends and industry-specific outcome metrics as well as track virtual agent performance through QInsights, a business analytics dashboard.

“We want to build customer-first experiences but innovate holistically, keeping the entire business ecosystem in mind,” said Gaurav Johar, conversational AI practice lead, Quantiphi. “It is a proactive approach towards breaking down silos at the organization level and letting multiple disciplines act collectively to elevate the experience from inside-out.”

Quantiphi enhances CX solutions across the healthcare, banking and financial services and public sector industries simply with the success of conversational AI. Qollective.CX continues that trend by driving better experiences for customers and agents as well as improving contact center operation efficiency.

Edited by Erik Linask
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