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Segra and Google Cloud Modernize Customer Experience


Customer preferences are different than what they were a few years ago. Price is not the only thing customers look at to remain loyal to brands. Today, loyalty is based more on the overall customer experience – and that loyalty is becoming increasingly fragile, making delivering a positive experience critical.

Google Cloud and Segra share a common goal to help companies transform and accelerate growth and  competitiveness with the customer journey in mind. It is only natural for Segra, with a service footprint that provides ethernet, dark fiber, advanced data center services, IP and managed services, voice and cloud solutions, to leverage Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI platform.

The CCaaS platform improves customer service with AI that understands, interacts and talks. The platform provides a simplified, intuitive UI in a single workspace that increases agent productivity.

The CCAI platform is purpose-built for integration with an organization’s customer relationship management platform, providing organizations with a single source of truth for customer journeys while providing customers with modern, embeddable experiences that are optimized for the smartphone era.

The platform allows human agents to focus on more difficult and specialized calls, providing them with real-time information, workflows and turn-by-turn guidance. It delivers lifelike customer experiences that support accurate multi-turn conversations, built with deep learning technologies powered by Google Assistant.

Also, the platform turns conversations into insights through analytics and reporting that uncover key call drivers and customer sentiment. Additional customer enhancements planned for the platform include an AI-powered IVR self-service virtual agent, multi-channel communications to include SMS and chat and a screen pop with customer information.

“We are continually expanding our services to help our customers grow and are excited to leverage the new comprehensive, innovative offering from Google Cloud, enabling a more powerful customer journey,” said Kevin T. Hart, Segra CEO. “Contact Center AI reimagines the customer experience through a full end-to-end platform expansion.”

AI is in position to transform contact centers and improve customer experience as it empowers brands to make customers happier and increase customer lifetime value without compromising operational efficiency.

Edited by Erik Linask
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