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AI Innovator Jasper Announces New and Immersive Chat Functionality


There has been a veritable boom in the world of generative AI models in 2022. For instance, names like DALL-E (and soon, DALL-E 2), Midjourney, Lensa, and Stable Diffusion made tidal waves’ worth of wildly-buzzing news in the world of AI-generated art, all via text-to-image tools. And in the world of what is most often called conversational AI, you have Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (or GPTs) that use deep learning to generate human-mimicking text blocks; in this sphere, OpenAI, NovelAI, and especially ChatGPT have rung the loudest bells. ChatGPT, in particular, promotes short back-and-forth inputs, but has also been tasked with the generation of fiction stories, essays, and even simulated articles as if drafted by human minds. (Not to worry, though; a human has written what you’re currently reading.) At large, GPTs’ advances merit praise, but they also leave many with uncertainties, especially in the vein of making their learning curves more palatable.

As machine learning models evolve (e.g. neural networks mirroring neurons of the human brain, even), the very concept of what “constitutes content” may experience a digital earthquake of breakthroughs during and after 2023. (I’m always one to mention Blade Runner where applicable, and this is certainly becoming a very “synth”-esque conversation.)

That brings us to this year’s holiday season; just last week, another big AI-related announcement broke. Jasper Chat, developed by AI content platform Jasper, is now available to try for free. In fact, a press release discussing Jasper Chat was 100% written by Jasper’s AI itself. (And Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin’ subsequently sprung to mind.)

In terms of AI learning curves discussed above, Jasper Chat aims to remove them altogether; especially those associated with users mass-cataloguing and formulating the most ideal prompts to achieve the best-possible AI-generated outputs. Jasper Chat uses what is characterized as more “natural language” reflecting a “casual tone” to encourage interaction, as opposed to users becoming frustrated with an AI’s inability to technically capture whatever it is they’re looking to create. This, again, comes during a time when generative AI models (while widely available) are not all made equal; i.e. are not all as easily accessible nor as able to complete the more elaborate tasks thrown their way.

AI has entered its transformational era; of this much, experts are certain. Fiction, nonfiction, custom social media captions, short and long-form articles, video scripts, emails, writing code, and creating art itself are all fair game, and those merely scratch the surface. Nuanced discourse has already permeated this industry, covering writer and artist credits and overarching agency, what is considered “natural” and, ultimately, the magnitude of AI’s biggest question: “What’s next?”

For now, the latest lies with Jasper and Jasper Chat for more easily-adopted human-AI interaction. In February of 2023, Jasper will also host the first-ever conference on generative AI in San Francisco, CA.

Thereafter? We’ll have to wait and see. (Or prompt mediums like Jasper Chat to predict and see what it thinks.) More information and a free Jasper Chat demo are available at www.jasper.ai.

Edited by Alex Passett
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