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RingCentral DaaS: Hardware Management via Single-Vendor Procurement


It’s 2023 and the name RingCentral rings (pun intended) a relatable bell for individuals and businesses alike, especially since the pandemic reshaped communications and contact center communities around the world. Now, in the largely post-pandemic spaces in which we live, it’s perhaps the most critical time to ensure organizations are able to utilize the best-possible technologies to function well and operate in resilient, disruption-proof environments.

With commensurate synonymity to names like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet in the cloud phone systems sector, RingCentral continues to break barriers with its UCaaS and CCaaS solutions. Video meetings and virtual collaboration in general are a cinch with the company’s feature rollouts.

Now, let’s talk about Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), RingCentral’s latest offering.

Recently, RingCentral announced its new DaaS offering. This allows businesses to easily procure and deploy phone, video, rooms and contact center hardware from providers at a low upfront cost. Software upgrades and device management via RingCentral’s new DaaS enables customers to complement RingCentral MVP and related solutions with hardware options that are truly right for their workplace ecosystems.

Given the post-COVID state of global affairs, functional hybridity is unquestionably a bigger focus nowadays. To streamline painless, single-vendor procurement, this DaaS from RingCentral keeps the features users enjoy and adds to them via the latest in future-of-work hardware, allowing for connections that are smoother and faster.

Several key benefits customers will note about RingCentral DaaS include new monthly pricing structures so businesses can avoid large upfront investments to get necessary hardware, a sense of assurance via the one-vendor handling of all hardware needs (from shipping to service and recovery), less waiting on products to reach the ends of their lifecycles before actioning upgrades, and more.

Michael Helmbrecht, Vice President of Video Product Management at RingCentral, is proud of how the company’s DaaS can further help customers.

“With access to better hardware options from leading partners,” Helmbrecht said, “our customers can ensure they are offering the best communications experiences for all employees across their organization.”

“After all,” Helmbrecht continued, “the technology needed to power the hybrid workplace, whether people are at home or in the office, is rapidly changing. In an environment where employee interaction has shifted dramatically, having access to the latest hardware and software quickly and inexpensively is important. Thanks to collaboration and partnership with some of the industry’s most trusted hardware partners, we can help our customers deploy proper hybrid work solutions ensuring employees feel seen and heard no matter where they work.”

Furthermore, Diane Myers from independent research firm Metrigy is also in support of this offering. “With DaaS, RingCentral customers – ranging from SMBs to midmarket to enterprise – can easily deploy hardware at a lower upfront cost. By procuring hardware with RingCentral, customers will no longer need to worry about dealing with multiple vendors for their hardware needs. This will save time and streamline procurement.”

Ring Central DaaS is now available for U.S. customers.

Edited by Alex Passett
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