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OpenAI Introduces a New Subscription Plan: ChatGPT Plus


No longer is ChatGPT a little-known artificial intelligence tool. Having remodeled how new and veteran users conceive exercises in AI and the possibilities therein, ChatGPT has garnered a greatly distinctive, take-the-world-by-storm reputation. Casual users tap into it to generate short stories and scripts, music lyrics, expositional content and social media posts, to name a modicum of use cases. Industry professionals, in turn, utilize ChatGPT to explain, translate and write code, to angle it at customer service for sped-up conversations and marketing conversions, and for financial advisement, real estate, healthcare and more.

This is all true. That said, with these truths come senses of unease. We’ve seen all-out bans of ChatGPT in schools, companies looking to build guardrails for it, and general fears of it being weaponized for misinformation or worse. To quell ChatGPT-induced worries, OpenAI has actioned extensive research, learning more about the system’s pros and cons while gathering millions of users’ pieces of feedback in order to make important updates.

To further segment uses of ChatGPT (in order to study its best and, in earnest, worst types of applications), OpenAI has also launched a pilot subscription plan:

ChatGPT Plus.

OpenAI has stated that it wants users to challenge them (and ChatGPT itself). So, via ChatGPT Plus, users will receive benefits to do just that; subscribing to this new plan will make general access to ChatGPT more available (even during peak hours), and will provide faster generated responses and even priority access to new features as it evolves.

According to OpenAI, their teams are “actively exploring options for more subscription plans, including lower-cost plans, business plans, API, and data packs for even more availability.”

Overall, properly leveraging a viral phenomenon is undeniably a trial-and-error effort. With exhilaration for it comes controversy. In the meantime, OpenAI has been, well, open about many a ChatGPT topic and is looking to refine the tool so it heads in the right directions, not the wrong ones.

At $20 per month, ChatGPT Plus is currently available to customers in the United States. The free tier of ChatGPT remains open, as well.

Edited by Alex Passett
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