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Quantive AI: Smartly Enhancing Businesses' Strategic Executions


Nobody phrases it this way, but I think artificial intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It’s really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition.

Sebastian Thrun makes a compelling point. Humans build and train AI. Its humans that feed it prompts, interact with it, and interpret the outputs its model is capable of. So as AI enhances our existing technologies (i.e. as it automates previously manual slogs, optimizes workflows, creates time-savings and cost reductions, and overall intuitively streamlines experiences via advanced NLPs and LLMs), the onus is still on us. This may sound obvious, but it’s humans that must responsibly deploy AI-powered solutions and place parameters where appropriate. It’s humans that must remain disciplined and adapt as needed so AI can be well-harnessed; if a use case for it starts to go awry, it’s humans that mustn’t panic as if this is some gone-rogue, runaway virtual train.

At the present moment, to understand and aptly apply AI involves a de facto, proper understanding of ourselves; how we stand out, how we can rein ourselves in, and where we can innovate prudently next.

And so, as companies by the myriads wrestle for stakes in today’s now-mainstream AI boom, lets cover the new proficiencies of just one of them: Quantive.

Quantive, a platform built on embedding strategic context, priorities, and progress into businesses’ day-to-days, announced on Thursday its new AI-based enhancements set to equip business teams with LLM-leveraged initiatives in order to more optimally excel. The intelligence at play is integrated into Quantive’s flagship product, Quantive Results.

After acquiring Cliff.ai in June of 2022 (i.e. an operational intelligence software provider that uses ML to help teams track, analyze, and amend abnormal performance changes in its KPIs), Quantive is well-positioned to deliver excellence via AI-based capabilities.

In practical terms, Quantive Results will help its users:

  • Overcome struggles of “cold start” challenges. Per Quantive, “users often need help defining big objectives and high-level goals.” The lifeblood of many organizations is the prospect and carrying-through of innovation, but many hit snags in the road in terms of closing strategy execution gaps. With Quantive’s AI, actionable suggestions will be provided to users so objectives can be sharpened and tasks can be more productively orchestrated.
  • Identify objective-achieving initiatives. Once a “cold start” heats up, capitalizing on ideas (even well-thought-out ones) can present hiccups. Thoroughly discussing how to meet milestones is solid, but teams often require clarifications so they can best align. Quantive’s platform has the intelligence to rapidly assess a team’s goal-setting structure and prioritize its action items so a sort of “analysis paralysis” doesn’t set in, i.e. when a team comes up with a plan that scales, but then becomes overwhelmed by next-steps phases.
  • Find answers to platform usage questions. As a team executes with support from Quantive’s AI, they may contend with bumps in the road, so to speak, that hinder how their goals can be achieved. With Quantive Results, the keywords and topic tags of users’ queries are carefully processed so they can be answered easily, thus improving the time it takes to better define prompts and resolve users’ project complications.

Each of these practical forms of fundamental assistance is, as Quantive notes, fueled by the AI’s primary themes of quality-of-information improvement via real-time advice and feedback, pre-compiled guidance, and observational insights. Quantive Results can, for instance, answer the question of “Which key results are most at risk for this session?” if a user prompts it as such. It can generate dynamic project forecasts as an effort moves through its stages. And, best of all, Quantive’s intelligent offering is highly configurable in how it provides the easy-to-use diagnoses businesses need to fire on all cylinders.

“We’re at the beginning of a rapid diffusion of AI technology aimed at solving a range of problems,” said Ivan Osmak, Quantive’s CEO. “This technology will make workflows more efficient, guide and advise the user, and turn large amounts of complex data into meaningful insights. The result will be a significant increase in the value our platform provides to our customers, and we’re in a fortunate position to seize the potential of these advances.”

As this article began, AI is an in-progress wonder; that, however, doesn’t preclude it from committing errors or being misused. It boils down to our human discipline and smarts in order to deliver “smart tech” unto greater heights.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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