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RingCentral Announces Multi-Year Communications Collaboration with AWS


RingCentral: Hey, we’re a cloud-based video communications and UCaaS/CCaaS solutions provider. What if we could provide even more with the help of another powerful, comprehensive cloud computing platform? That’d be pretty neat.

AWS: You rang?

Okay, well that’s how I interpreted some of the latest news from these two companies, anthropomorphization and all. (The RingCentral/”rang” pun was just the cherry on top.)

Let’s get serious, though.

In February, RingCentral and AWS announced a new strategic collaboration to support organizations with their employee and customer communications transformations. A newly inked multi-year agreement will position AWS to offer RingCentral MVP and RingCentral Contact Center solutions to customers, opening their access to the fresh business communications innovations the companies look to offer together. This will almost certainly include (but won’t be limited to) enterprise-grade team messaging, market-empowering cloud phone systems, end-to-end cloud migration for businesses in myriad industries (e.g. healthcare, financial services, retail, and education), and a wealth of shared RingCentral/AWS resources and experts.

Official collaboration initiatives are set to begin in North America, then Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Speaking about this announcement, RingCentral’s President and COO Mo Katibeh was able to capture the significance of the collaboration.

“With AWS, this marks the beginning of a great journey for RingCentral,” Katibeh said. “While joint investments in marketing, lead generation and promotion activities will be valuable, what’s more is us working together to deliver technologies and innovations that improve business communications for today’s hybrid workforce of knowledge workers and frontliners.”

“We are so encouraged by our initial work with AWS,” Katibeh continued, “which has resulted in new sign-ups for RingCentral solutions. We believe our proven track record – in tandem with the innovation and scale of AWS – will give organizations the power of the world’s best business communications service with the unmatched security, compute power, data residency, and privacy of AWS.”

Matt Garman, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Global Services at AWS, also understands the flexibility and functionality that will come with this collaboration’s growth.

“Together, AWS and RingCentral are giving customers across multiple industries greater support for their call center and business communications needs,” Garman said. “By making RingCentral’s cloud communications solutions available on AWS, large enterprise and mid-size customers can benefit from the reliability and scalability of the cloud.”

Additionally, RingCentral plans to provide technical resources for workstreams to make its offerings transactable for AWS customers, supporting AWS Marketplace Listings and AWS service integrations.

In closing, one of the many takeaways from this news is simple: Enhancements are being made to give customers more choice. RingCentral products available through the AWS Marketplace is huge, and AWS using its reach to improve channel solutions and contact center fulfillments with RingCentral makes a ton of sense.

The long-story short? Businesses – from fast-paced startups to mammoth enterprises – can expect good things out of this handshake from RingCentral and AWS.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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