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Hands-On Hybrid Work Solutions at NWN Carousel's Customer Innovation & Experience Center


Though organizations innovating for their customers isn’t a new, well, innovation – in an age of instant-everything gratification and recurrent technological explosions – it’s key to prioritize customer experience and top-of-mind awareness. This applies doubly with post-pandemic considerations; our newly normalized remote-work hybridity has opened folks’ eyes not just to what’s possible in terms of work-life balance, but also in regard to the value of what they buy and, frankly, their own intrinsic senses of value, too.

In short, innovating for peerless customer experiences is a must, as is modernizing for today’s evolving workforces.

Enter prominent cloud communications service provider (CCSP) NWN Carousel (NWN) and its award-winning portfolio of solutions to support hybrid work journeys. Over the last two weeks, NWN Carousel officially unveiled its inaugural Customer Innovation & Experience Center in Sacramento, California.

NWN’s cutting-edge facility features real-life displays of cloud solutions for workflows in in our current hybrid era; smart devices and easy-to-use visual collaboration workspace huddle rooms were showcased, highlighting how important enhanced collaboration is for remote and in-person teams. Given NWN serves more than 5,000 unique customers throughout North America (with eastern-bound plans to open a Customer Innovation & Experience Center in Boston, Massachusetts later this summer), showing newcomers and loyal customers alike (in a hands-on way) NWN’s start-to-finish hybrid workflow setups in a very in-person way certainly seems like another bullseye in the name of progress.

Visitors to customer center are able to consult with NWN’s on-site experts and browse equipment for conference rooms, equipment for end-user desktops and laptops, large-format digital signage, and other state-of-the-art hardware options and cloud-based productivity solutions.

Jim Sullivan, CEO of NWN Carousel, emphasized further the growing demand for cloud solutions capable of facilitating successful hybrid work environments. "Our new facility will provide our customers and partners with an opportunity to explore firsthand how our integrated portfolio of cloud communication solutions work together to support their business outcomes,” Sullivan said.

Brian Gai, Vice President of the West at NWN Carousel, added to Sullivan’s message; he stressed the value of “real-life, hands-on experiences for customers when selecting the necessary components for their beginning-to-end workflow management needs.”

Overall, NWN’s Customer Innovation & Experience Center is a representation of people, processes, and upgraded technologies for hybrid work all converging in a before-your-eyes way. (Especially, again, given the more difficult and not-in-person experiences we collectively endured due to the onset of the pandemic.) And with experience providing cost-savings and Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) advances in hybrid workspaces for big names like HP Poly, Intel and Microsoft, NWN and the initiatives of its center continue to meet customers’ needs in head-on ways.

Teams looking to book a demo with NWN Carousel can do so here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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