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Abnormal Platform Enhancements Expand Security Against Multi-Channel Attacks


Hackers always prowl around, looking for ways to get into companies, especially through email because it is easy to send and receive, and many people use it for personal and professional communication, obviously. But, as a reminder, hackers do use other methods like social media, cloud services or mobile devices.

For example, hackers recently stole some code and tools from Electronic Arts, a video game company that makes games like FIFA and Battlefield. They also stole footage from Grand Theft Auto VI, a game that is being made by a company called Rockstar Games. In both instances, the hackers snuck into the companies’ online platforms and moved around until they found what they wanted.

Not to be the one to sound the alarm bells, but security leaders need to be worried about these new attacks. The thing is, they don’t have a good way to see all the signs of hacking across different platforms. They need a tool that shows them everything that is happening in one place.

To solve the problem, Abnormal expanded its platform API integration capabilities to ingest unique data from more sources to better protect organizations from malicious attacks. The behavioral AI-based email security platform launched three new products focused on expanding security detection for Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

The new products, Email-Like Messaging Security, Email-Like Account Takeover Protection and Email-Like Security Posture Management, extend the power of the Abnormal platform to detect suspicious messages, remediate compromised accounts and provide insight into security posture across the three applications.

First, let’s go over Email-Like Messaging Security. With this capability, administrators are allowed to act against malicious activity, monitoring Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom for messages that contain suspicious URLs and then flag potential threats for further review. Malicious messages surface regardless of whether the message is sent from an internal employee or an external contractor.

With Email-Like Account Takeover Protection, authentication activity in Slack, Teams and Zoom is analyzed, alerting security teams to suspicious sign-in events. Each event is automatically flagged for immediate investigation, with single sign-on activity from Okta and Azure Active Directory included for additional evidence.

Finally, Email-Like Security Posture Management. This capability gives security teams a complete view of user privilege changes in Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom to ensure only the appropriate users have admin rights.

“Attackers are increasingly relying on multi-channel attacks to access valuable information and steal data for financial gain,” said Evan Reiser, CEO at Abnormal. “The best way to protect against these sophisticated attacks is to ingest many signals from diverse sources to learn the behavior of each identity across the multi-channel cloud surface area, and then apply advanced AI models to precisely detect anomalies.”

The new products, part of the comprehensive Abnormal platform, are available for all customers to explore through the new Abnormal Marketplace.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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