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Salesforce Opens Doorway to Conversational AI for Work with Slack GPT


AI is an integral part of the modern workplace, and companies must actively invest in AI tools and training to equip their workforce with the necessary skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. By doing so, they empower their employees to reach new levels of productivity and unlock their full potential.

According to a Slack report, those who have embraced AI technologies experience a 90% increase in their productivity levels over time. Employees who utilize automation solutions estimate saving an average of 3.6 hours per week, which amounts to an entire month of working hours reclaimed annually for each employee. This invaluable time can then be redirected towards more meaningful and strategic tasks.

Despite these statistics, a mere 27% of companies are harnessing the power of AI tools to bolster their operational efficiency.

Slack's report is a wake-up call for organizations to reevaluate their approach to technology adoption. The benefits of AI and automation extend beyond mere time-savings; they encompass improved efficiency, streamlined workflows and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

To help companies take advantage of those benefits as well as transform how work gets done, Salesforce announced Slack GPT, a new conversational AI experience natively integrated into Slack.

Slack GPT delivers the ability to use generative AI app integrations, different language models and the power to tap into secure customer data insights from the Customer 360 and Data Cloud. To boot, it also works with Einstein GPT to unlock the power of CRM and conversational data to make every organization more productive.

“The real power of this technology is when AI can analyze and act on the most valuable data from a company's most trusted resource — its own internal knowledge,” said Lidiane Jones, CEO of Slack. “Slack GPT is the conversational AI platform of the future, helping organizations easily tap into their trusted customer data and essential employee knowledge so they can work smarter and make smarter decisions faster.”

Slack brings AI natively into the user experience to help customers work smarter, learn faster and communicate better. For example, AI-powered conversation summaries and writing assistance will be available directly in Slack, all with just a click.

With the newly released Slack platform, customers build no-code workflows that embed AI actions with simple prompts at each step, making it easy for anyone to deploy AI automation. They also securely integrate a LLM from companies like OpenAI and Anthropic, or use the LLM of their choice. This includes those funded by Salesforce Venture’s generative AI fund, and in the future, Salesforce’s proprietary LLMs.

Slack is the conversational interface to the Customer 360, soon bringing Einstein GPT-powered insights from real-time customer data to life in Slack and enriching every team’s understanding of their customers.

Digging a bit deeper into Slack GPT, here is how it works for specific needs:

  • Slack GPT for Sales: Sales teams auto-generate account channel summaries, customer recommendations and prospect messages to work quickly and save time.
  • Slack GPT for Service: Service agents solve cases and respond to customers faster with AI-generated solutions and responses, and auto-generate case summaries to share team knowledge in channels and canvases.
  • Slack GPT for Dev/IT: Developers instantly auto-scan channel activities and summarize root cause analysis, saving hours on incident management.
  • Slack GPT for Marketing: Marketers auto-generate copy and images for blogs, email campaigns, social and advertising directly into a channel for team collaboration.

Slack GPT aims to revolutionize the Slack experience by bringing powerful AI capabilities directly into the platform, empowering users to enhance productivity, streamline communication and leverage the potential of AI in their workflows.

Edited by Alex Passett
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