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Rejuvenate the Pulse of Employee Engagement and Proactive Action with Qualtrics


As the saying goes, “adaptability is essential for success.” This can be applied personally or in business. Sticking to the business world, HR leaders recognize that the ability to swiftly adapt and respond to changing market conditions, customer demands and internal transformations is key for maintaining a competitive edge.

In fact, 87% of HR leaders have expressed the need for organizations to become more agile and attentive to employee sentiment, according to a Qualtrics study.

The research also emphasized the importance of consistently monitoring employee sentiment. Key moments of change, such as restructuring, mergers or new initiatives, require heightened attention to employee emotions and attitudes. By actively engaging in ongoing conversations with employees, organizations gain valuable insights, address concerns and foster a positive work environment.

However, HR leaders face a challenge in understanding how to have an impact on employee engagement and the organization's bottom line. While recognizing the link between employee satisfaction and business outcomes, HR leaders struggle to identify the most effective strategies to enhance engagement and translate it into tangible results.

The research findings underscore the importance of prioritizing agility and maintaining a pulse on employee sentiment, and the findings prompted Qualtrics to act. Known for its experience management solutions, Qualtrics introduced advanced features in Qualtrics Pulse, its platform for frequent employee feedback.

With Qualtrics Pulse, HR teams establish ongoing programs that automatically gather employee feedback from specific teams and provide real-time, valuable insights to respective leaders and managers. The solution streamlines the process of setting up automated pulse programs, allowing HR administrators to customize feedback solicitation frequency for different employee groups.

The enhanced Pulse capabilities provide HR administrators with unique dashboards to seamlessly share team-specific employee feedback with leaders and managers. This empowers them to gain quicker access to insights necessary for more frequent, proactive decision-making.

Leaders and managers can now have a timely understanding of their teams' sentiments and experiences in day-to-day work, as well as insights on how organizational changes impact crucial drivers of engagement, such as trust in leadership and employee retention.

To illustrate the practicality of the solution, let's consider an organization implementing a return-to-office plan. By setting up a weekly Pulse, the company gauges employee sentiment and identifies opportunities to ease the transition back to the workplace. To prevent overwhelming employees, Pulse can be automatically sent to a randomly selected 10% of the workforce on a weekly basis.

Leveraging the new Pulse capabilities, the organization's people team swiftly share summaries of relevant employee feedback with senior leaders, enabling them to take immediate action and provide support during the transition period.

“Senior leaders have to navigate difficult organizational changes and rely more on overworked frontline managers to keep their teams focused, supported and productive,” said Qualtrics Head of Employee Experience Product Management Wojtek Kubik. “The new capabilities in Pulse empower leaders and managers to more quickly and efficiently improve employees’ experiences at work and retain top talent.”

While currently available for HR teams and senior leaders, the new capabilities will soon extend to frontline managers by late 2023.

Edited by Alex Passett
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