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Logitech and Airtame Shape the Future of Hybrid Meeting Solutions


The arrival of remote work sparked the prevalence of the new digital collaboration, only to be further accelerated by the pandemic. Traditional meeting formats, once limited to conference rooms and boardrooms, have now given way to virtual gatherings conducted over video conferencing platforms.

However, these virtual meetings often lack the richness and interactivity of in-person interactions. As a result, businesses and individuals actively search for innovative solutions that provide a comprehensive and immersive meeting experience, irrespective of the participants' physical location.

Through a new strategic alliance, Airtame and Logitech now offer this; a complete, cross-platform hybrid meeting solution that creates a powerful experience for users. This alliance between Logitech and Airtame addresses common challenges faced in hybrid conferencing, providing equitable meeting experiences and increased flexibility.

“Our customers are looking for flexible and easy-to-use conferencing solutions for their hybrid workers,” said Sudeep Trivedi, Head of Alliances and Go-To-Market at Logitech. “Together, Logitech and Airtame create a seamless hybrid meeting experience that is easy to use and accessible for everyone.”

Airtame is an all-in-one platform for screens in business and education, challenging the norms in the AV industry with a hardware-enabled SaaS platform. With a focus on empowering people to collaborate in new ways, Airtame makes meeting rooms more inclusive and classrooms and common spaces more dynamic through intuitive hybrid conferencing, screen sharing and digital signage.

Logitech offers video conferencing solutions, such as conference cameras, that enable high-quality remote communication. Their collaboration tools, including wireless presentation remotes and keyboards, facilitate content sharing and interactive discussions. Logitech's headsets and audio solutions enhance communication clarity, while room control devices simplify meeting space management. They also provide software and services like Logitech Sync and SDKs to optimize the collaboration experience.

The collaboration between the two combines Airtame's cross-platform hybrid conferencing platform with Logitech's conferencing solutions like MeetUp conference camera and Rally Bar series, offering a comprehensive solution for hybrid meeting rooms.

With Logitech's professional-grade AV equipment and Airtame's versatile conferencing platform, participants can communicate effortlessly and clearly, regardless of their location — whether they are in a physical meeting room or joining remotely.

Additionally, Airtame can leverage Logitech's wide range of AV equipment to deploy its multi-use products, including signage, conferencing and screen sharing, in various environments. This expands conferencing options for users, accommodating large meeting rooms and small collaboration spaces.

“At Airtame, we are invested in partnering with peripheral and software companies to overcome market limitations for conferencing, screen sharing and digital signage to create a truly cross-platform room system,” said Jonas Gyalokay, Airtame co-founder. “The strategic alliance between Airtame and Logitech does just that.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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