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Prophecy Launches Next-Level Generative AI Platform for Enterprise Data


There is no doubt that generative AI technology continues to remain a topic of most conversations as businesses look to incorporate the technology into their everyday operations. Headlines about what this technology brings to business operations are everywhere.

While the integration of generative AI has become more widespread, there is a notable hurdle that organizations face when it comes to leveraging its full potential. These applications are typically trained using publicly available data, such as books, articles or open datasets. While this data can provide a wealth of information, it may not capture the specific nuances and context of an organization's operations, products, or services.

As a result, when it comes to answering organization-specific questions or addressing unique challenges faced by a business, the existing generative AI models may have limitations. These models may not possess the organization-specific knowledge or domain expertise required to provide accurate and tailored responses.

Prophecy, the low-code data transformation platform, looks to overcome that hurdle with two new product offerings: Prophecy Generative AI Platform and Prophecy Data Copilot.

The Prophecy Generative AI Platform places the capabilities of generative AI directly in the hands of every user within any organization, changing the landscape of AI adoption.

One key feature of the platform is its ability to harness the potential of enterprise data. Regardless of technical prowess, employees across departments can tap into the platform's capabilities and drive innovation by applying generative AI techniques to their enterprise data.

The platform also offers an accelerated development process for generative AI applications. This efficiency not only saves valuable time but also enables businesses to stay ahead of the competition and adapt swiftly to changing market demands.

The platform's versatility is another key selling point, supporting an array of use cases by capitalizing on the expansive breadth of enterprise data. From marketing and customer insights to product design and beyond, the platform caters to a multitude of requirements, facilitating innovation across diverse business domains.

“The era of hiring machine learning engineers who train proprietary models, or specialized LLMs is over,” said Prophecy co-founder and CEO Raj Bains. “Now all you will need is a private knowledge warehouse that provides private context along with questions and the LLMs give very relevant answers. With Prophecy’s new platform release, a data or application engineer can build an application like a support-bot on private data in a week.”

As previously stated, Prophecy also announced Prophecy Data Copilot, an AI assistant that automatically creates data pipelines based on natural language prompts and improves pipeline quality with greater test coverage.

A key highlight of the Prophecy Data Copilot is its ability to democratize the creation and delivery of data products. Traditionally, data transformations have been complex and required coding expertise. However, with Copilot, users can describe these transformations in natural language. The platform then translates these descriptions into intuitive visual components and transformation logic, seamlessly generating the necessary code. 

Copilot also improves efficiency and quality. The platform goes beyond automation by suggesting data tests, ensuring comprehensive test coverage and instilling confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the data. Additionally, Copilot offers recommendations for the next steps in the transformation process, minimizing errors commonly associated with joining, filtering and aggregating data. These intelligent suggestions serve as a valuable guide, enhancing productivity and reducing the time and effort required for data pipeline creation.

Copilot also plays a vital role in preventing data misuse. By automatically generating descriptions for data pipelines and datasets, Copilot provides essential context and transparency. Users can gain insight into how each column was computed, facilitating data governance and ensuring compliance with regulations. This feature provides organizations with an additional layer of accountability, fostering trust in the data-driven decision-making process.

“We see generative AI based copilots making low-code the default way to build applications and data pipelines in enterprises,” said Prophecy co-founder, Maciej Szpakowski. “We already see a 30% to 40% productivity boost from low-code adoption in our customer base, that coupled with another 30% to 40% from copilots will make starting with code financially untenable for the majority of enterprise use cases. The future of enterprise development is definitely copilot powered low-code."

With the launch and platform updates, Prophecy further democratizes data transformation, boosting productivity and empowering non-technical users to access and leverage data in their everyday workflows.

Edited by Alex Passett
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