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Boost Customer Support with UJET's Contact Center Mobile App Designed for Mobile-First Agents


It should be to no one’s surprise that so many of us prefer mobile phones. In fact, as smartphones have become a constant companion for most people in the U.S., landline phones are rapidly losing their relevance. In 2004, more than 90% of U.S. adults lived in households that had an operational landline phone - now it’s less than 30%, according to data provided by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

This pervasive trend has also extended to contact centers, where agents and supervisors are embracing the power of mobile devices. By equipping themselves with smartphones and other portable gadgets, these frontline professionals are no longer tied to their desks but can seamlessly engage with customers and oversee operations while on the move.

To help agents as they continue to transition to mobile devices, UJET, a contact center platform, released its Agent Mobile App, an app that empowers agents, employees and experts who are remote, in the field or on-the-go to deliver faster and more effective customer service.

The UJET Agent Mobile App equips agents with the power of UJET directly on their iOS or Android devices. Whether they're at home or in the field, agents can effortlessly pivot between the desktop web adapter and the mobile app on their phone or tablet. This native mobile contact center solution allows them to receive and transfer calls and chats, make outbound calls and access the CRM system, ensuring quick and efficient resolution of customer issues on-the-go.

But the benefits extend beyond the agents themselves. With the UJET Agent Mobile App, contact centers can now easily connect customers with remote supervisors, subject matter experts or field workers. Push notifications enable these individuals to stay connected and effortlessly log in to handle inbound calls or chats from local customers, extending the reach of the contact center.

The app was purposefully designed with today's digital and mobile-native agents in mind. Its features, including single sign-on (SSO) authentication, intuitive call controls and SmartActions, are carefully crafted to streamline the agent experience and boost efficiency. Minimal setup or training is required, allowing agents to spend less time familiarizing themselves with the tools and more time focused on delivering exceptional customer service.

By leveraging the capabilities of smart devices, the UJET Agent Mobile App enhances contextual, informed and effective interactions, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, reduced average handle time and improved service level agreements. Contact centers can now harness the potential of their modern, distributed workforce, taking customer service to new heights.

"Mobile customer support is no longer a nice-to-have, it's a necessity,” said Anand Janefalkar, founder and CEO, UJET. “In the past, customer support was limited to employees who were physically located in a call center during business hours. But in today's digital world, consumers expect highly personalized support instantly, anywhere and anytime they need it, so brands that don't offer mobile customer support are at a competitive disadvantage.”

The UJET Agent Mobile App comes as a value-added benefit at no additional cost for UJET customers, minimizing setup and training requirements and maximizing agents' focus on delivering exceptional customer service. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Edited by Alex Passett
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