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iQSTEL Metaverse App Delivers Unique Immersive Experience


"Metaverse and AI technology will transform the internet experience as we know it by 2030."

That is a statement from Leandro Iglesias, iQSTEL CEO. And Iglesias is not wrong.

The Metaverse market is anticipated to grow from a $65 billion market size today to over $900 billion by 2030, according to Statista. The market growth will only further blur the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds with more immersive experiences, social interactions and commercial activities within the Metaverse. As a result, there will be more opportunities for users to explore vast virtual worlds, attend virtual events and conferences, shop in virtual marketplaces, and build and monetize their digital assets.

As for the AI market, it was valued at $69.25 billion in 2022 and is expected to hit around $1,871.2 billion by 2032, according to Precedence Research. So the research does go beyond 2030, but the point is still there. The AI market is expected to continue its surge as tech giants invest heavily in AI research and development, leading to advancements across various industries such as automotive, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, logistics and retail. Then there is the integration of AI into business processes and the emergence of niche AI applications that are encouraging new entrants and prompting strategic initiatives for competitive advantages.

Iglesias and the team at iQSTEL are clearly aware of the potential of dabbling in both markets, which is why the multinational enhanced telecommunications and technology corporation launched its AI-backed Metaverse application. The application, under the name iQSTEL Metaverse, is a product of iQSTEL's Enhanced Metaverse AI Division Reality Border.

Powered by advanced AI technology and enriched by the presence of NPCs, this application represents iQSTEL's commitment to equipping individuals with the necessary tools to succeed in today's digital world. The application addresses core human needs such as safety, relationships and self-actualization. It provides access to digital communication, seamless virtual banking, affordable mobility and a wealth of information.

One of the key advantages of the application is its ability to transform customer relations for businesses. By fostering immersive and group-centric interactions, it facilitates enhanced relationship building, simplifies product exploration, and brings commercial history to life. Users are empowered to create their own unique Metaverse, taking charge of creation and consumption.

Member-exclusive perks such as priority access, previews of upcoming features, giveaways and event tickets further incentivize user engagement.

The iQSTEL Metaverse application boasts proprietary live streaming technology supporting up to 100,000 concurrent viewers, in-house audio and video multi-conference technology hosting up to 100 concurrent publishers and 100,000 simultaneous viewers, and a multiplayer game engine accommodating up to 100,000 concurrent players interacting with 100 other avatars.

This expansive scope redefines the possibilities within the digital realm and establishes the iQSTEL Metaverse as a frontier of innovation.

“With 30 years of telecommunications and technology experience now under my belt, I understand how Metaverse and AI technology will transform the internet experience in just a few short years,” said Iglesias. “Our internet interaction will go from voice, finger, and thumb interface to an interface of total immersion. Just download and try our app to get an understanding of what I mean by this unique immersion.”

Developed by Reality Border, the Metaverse subsidiary of iQSTEL, the application is available on desktop browsers as well as the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android devices.

Edited by Alex Passett
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