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Skillsoft Launches ChatGPT Learning Journey for Businesses to Stay Ahead of the Curve


Generative AI emerged as a transformative force that is revolutionizing the way knowledge workers operate. With its ability to generate content that closely mimics human creations, this technology is expected to impact nearly every sector and create an unprecedented need for upskilling and reskilling within organizations and their employees.

This automation holds the potential to improve efficiency and productivity by freeing up valuable time and resources. However, the true impact lies in the demand it places on workers to acquire new skills and adapt to an evolving work landscape.

The integration of generative AI into the workforce necessitates a concerted effort to upskill and reskill employees. Organizations are tasked with providing comprehensive training programs and educational initiatives to ensure their workforce is equipped with the necessary expertise to collaborate effectively with generative AI systems. This includes understanding data analysis, algorithmic comprehension, ethical considerations and creative problem-solving.

Upskilling and reskilling initiatives play a pivotal role in unlocking the full potential of generative AI, empowering knowledge workers to thrive in an AI-driven world while maintaining a competitive edge.

To assist with upskilling and reskilling initiatives, Skillsoft (a platform for transformative learning experiences) launched its ChatGPT Learning Journey, the first in a series of generative AI courses designed to equip organizations and the workforce with the skills required to use the technology productively and ethically.

Skillsoft's ChatGPT Learning Journey combines on-demand courses and practical experiences to provide a comprehensive exploration of generative AI technology. From understanding the capabilities of large language models to delving into practical applications, advanced techniques, industry impacts and ethical considerations, this learning journey offers a deep dive into the world of generative AI.

Skillsoft goes beyond theoretical knowledge by offering benchmark assessments that allow organizations and learners to gauge their proficiency in generative AI. Additionally, learners have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills by building a Python-based, AI-driven application, providing hands-on experience in leveraging the power of generative AI.

“Our ChatGPT Learning Journey is another step in our efforts to address this challenge head on and ensure our customers are able to seize the opportunity represented by generative AI, all while doing so in a safe and ethical manner,” said Jeffrey R. Tarr, CEO, Skillsoft.

Skillsoft's commitment to utilizing AI for educational impact is evident through initiatives like the recently launched Intro to ChatGPT course on Skillsoft's Codecademy. This course focuses on practical coding and programming with AI language models, enabling learners to gain firsthand experience in working with this transformative technology.

Skillsoft also incorporates generative AI throughout its platform to enhance the learning experience. This includes using AI to generate lesson descriptions, personalize content packages based on individual skill needs and automate the creation of assessment questions, empowering learners to master new skills efficiently.

Skillsoft's ChatGPT Learning Journey and integration of generative AI technology highlight their dedication to equipping organizations and learners with the knowledge and practical skills required to navigate the AI-powered future effectively.

Edited by Alex Passett
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