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AI Dream Team? ServiceNow, NVIDIA and Accenture Propel Generative AI into the Future


Industries are swiftly embracing generative AI tools at an unprecedented pace, surpassing the speed of previous technological shifts. This isn’t “new” with generative AI headlines popping up over multiple news feeds.

Generative AI holds immense potential for enterprises, offering the opportunity to redefine work processes, fortify services, differentiate from competitors and achieve heightened performance levels. By integrating generative AI, businesses can revolutionize their operations, automating and enhancing various workflows to boost overall efficiency.

The technology empowers employees to use their creativity, providing assistance in content creation, product design and process optimization. Generative AI also enables companies to distinguish themselves in the marketplace by offering innovative and unique products and services, setting them apart from competitors. Embracing generative AI not only optimizes performance but also opens doors to new opportunities and markets previously untapped due to resource constraints or technical limitations.

Because of the rapid adoption of generative AI, ServiceNow, NVIDIA and Accenture launched AI Lighthouse, a program designed to fast-track the development and adoption of enterprise generative AI capabilities.

“NVIDIA, ServiceNow and Accenture are partnering to help customers lead their industries by deploying generative AI tools that harness their own invaluable knowledge to transform the applications they use every day,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO, NVIDIA.

Some background on this collaboration:

ServiceNow introduced a range of generative AI capabilities, tailored for the Now Platform, and has partnered with major companies in the pharmaceutical, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare sectors to test these capabilities in real-world enterprise settings. Through the AI Lighthouse program, ServiceNow aims to collaborate with select customers to develop and implement new generative AI use cases across IT service management, customer service management, and employee experience.

The collaboration involves NVIDIA, which provides full-stack computing for model training and tuning, leveraging NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputing, DGX Cloud and NeMo LLM software. ServiceNow will act as the front-end workflow automation and intelligence platform, while Accenture will contribute its extensive industry knowledge and generative AI expertise to bring these use cases to life for customers.

ServiceNow's Now Assist, a generative AI experience integrated within the platform, enables intelligent automation to simplify repetitive tasks, enhance agility, and improve user experiences. NVIDIA's AI software and accelerated computing facilitate the deployment of generative AI in various industries, supporting applications such as drug discovery, intelligent chatbots, search, and summarization.

This collaboration capitalizes on Accenture's recent $3 billion investment in AI and involves the Accenture Center for Advanced AI, focusing on generative AI and large language models. Accenture will accelerate the design and engineering of domain-specific LLMs and generative AI capabilities within the ServiceNow platform, enhancing functional and industry workflows.

“Our expanded partnership with ServiceNow and NVIDIA will apply our combined experience, expertise and insights to helping our clients create powerful, relevant and responsible generative AI use cases and more quickly realize the value of this transformative technology,” said Julie Sweet, chair and CEO, Accenture.

So, what exactly does this mean for businesses? It’s quite simple.

AI Lighthouse will assist pioneering customers across industries in the design, development and implementation of new generative AI use cases. AI Lighthouse unites the ServiceNow enterprise automation platform and engine, NVIDIA AI supercomputing and software and Accenture AI transformation services. The comprehensive offering will let customers collaborate as design partners in architecting custom generative AI large language models and applications to advance their businesses.

Ultimately, the AI Lighthouse program will come to life for enterprise customers by:

  • Reducing tedious manual work for customer service professionals, with overviews and insights to help them solve problems faster.
  • Deflecting cases by promoting self-service options, empowering people, and delivering engaging experiences with natural human language.
  • Generating content automatically, including intelligent search results, work notes, and knowledge base articles.
  • Boosting developer productivity with intelligent recommendations for code.

“This is a transformational moment for business to revolutionize how work gets done,” said ServiceNow Chairman and CEO Bill McDermott. “In collaboration with our visionary partners, ServiceNow, NVIDIA, and Accenture are forming the market-leading blueprint for AI-first enterprise innovation. We expect the AI Lighthouse customer program to inspire breakthrough ideas with massive ROI.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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