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RowBotAI and SP Data Digital Disrupt HR Policy Access with Advanced AI Voice Technology


On the first day of most jobs, many employees hear about HR policies. These policies are essential; they outline the rules, expectations and procedures that govern various aspects of the workplace, such as employee behavior, benefits, performance and compliance with legal regulations. Having clear and accessible HR policies is crucial for fostering a fair and consistent work environment, promoting transparency and ensuring compliance.

The reality, however, is employees do not often hear about or see these policies much after the first day or first few days of starting the job. (Mostly because policies are not easily accessible to all employees.)

For larger organizations, this can be even more difficult due to the sheer volume of policies, differing roles and departments, and the need to reach remote or decentralized teams. Balancing the need for detailed policies with the need for simplicity and clarity is another challenge. Overly complex policies may lead to confusion, while overly simplistic ones may not adequately address nuanced situations.

Additionally, keeping policies updated in light of changing laws, industry standards and evolving organizational needs is an ongoing challenge that requires proactive management.

There’s no doubt that HR policy access is a frustrating process for employees. SP Data Digital and RowBotAI are changing that with their joint effort in a groundbreaking AI solution for HR policy access. 

SP Data Digital is a technology company specializing in contact centers. With a focus on generating predictable, repeatable and scalable prospects, pipeline and closed sales, SP Data Digital excels in delivering higher-quality sales leads, increased close rates and revenue growth.

RowBotAI is a provider of generative AI voice call agents for any form of customer content. Unique in the industry, customers provide their content to the RowBotAI platform, and within minutes, anyone can have a voice conversation with it. The platform deploys instantly with a dial-up telephone number, simplifying access and interaction.

The joint solution of the two companies empowers employees to interact directly with HR policy documents through simple mobile phone voice conversations. The conversational RowBotAI automated voice call agent can efficiently field thousands of commonly asked HR-related questions, saving valuable time and resources for SP Data Digital's core HR team.

“This is an extraordinary technology that enables our employees, located all throughout the U.S. and Canada, to use a generative AI voice solution to interact directly with HR Policy documents, no matter their location,” said Dan Plashkes, CEO of SP Data Digital. “Routine questions that have been repeatedly answered by our core HR team can now be fielded by the conversational RowBotAI automated call agent."

The collaborative initiative marks a milestone in HR policy access and exemplifies the shared commitment of SP Data Digital and RowBotAI toward driving innovation and efficiency in the realm of contact centers and AI voice technology.

Edited by Alex Passett
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