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Kyndryl and Microsoft Accelerate Enterprise-Level Adoption of Generative AI


The global value of generative AI is expected to show an annual growth rate of 24.40% from 2023 to 2030, resulting in a market volume of $207 billion by 2030, according to research by Statista.

A prominent player contributing to this surge is Microsoft. Built upon a history of effectively providing AI solutions to its clientele over numerous years, Microsoft empowers organizations to prudently and securely leverage the most recent strides in generative AI technology. This is done through copilot experiences throughout the Microsoft Cloud.

And now, Microsoft has announced a joint effort to enable the adoption of enterprise-grade generative AI solutions for businesses on the Microsoft Cloud with Kyndryl, a technology infrastructure services provider.

But why Kyndryl?

Kyndryl stands out in its ability to provide customers with firsthand insights into AI implementations. By consistently testing, innovating and enhancing expertise in AI and other technologies prior to integration into clients' businesses, Kyndryl offers a unique perspective.

In the partnership, Kyndryl and Microsoft will swiftly design, develop and advance new generative AI innovations and solutions across their enterprises, leveraging Kyndryl’s growing patent portfolio in data and AI, and its access to Microsoft 365 Copilot, Azure OpenAI Service and Microsoft Fabric through their Joint Innovation Centers.

The key to making the expanded collaboration work is Kyndryl's launch of an AI-readiness initiative within Kyndryl Consult. This initiative is dedicated to exploring the responsible adoption of generative AI solutions. Kyndryl's adept experts will guide new and existing customers in establishing a reliable data foundation and navigating the complexities of integrating new generative AI technologies.

The company's deep domain expertise and enterprise-grade proficiency in AI, spanning various industries and solution areas, will be leveraged to help customers evaluate the benefits of generative AI across key service domains.

Through Collaborative Innovation, customers access Kyndryl Vital and the Microsoft and Kyndryl Joint Innovation Centers to collaboratively develop custom use cases and discover novel ways to leverage generative AI within their enterprises, thereby unlocking business value.

Kyndryl will also enhance customer and employee experiences by piloting new technologies and creating industry-specific models, use cases and solutions. This builds on the company's existing capabilities and enhances enterprise automation and workplace productivity. Notably, Kyndryl has already supported multiple customers, as well as itself (in utilizing AI and a virtual assistant to automatically summarize problem descriptions and dynamically surface relevant information, leading to increased efficiency and response rates).

Kyndryl's commitment extends to establishing a robust data foundation. The company will collaborate with customers to provide comprehensive services spanning the entire data lifecycle, from constructing a reliable data infrastructure and architecture to managing data from inception to consumption. This approach ensures higher-quality data and improved reliability.

In execution and management, Kyndryl will utilize its expertise in data and AI architecture to deploy tailored frameworks for customers. These frameworks will enable the extraction of data value and the generation of AI-driven insights at scale while maintaining responsible and optimal practices.

“Kyndryl is creating a trusted environment for organizations to explore the benefits and value it can bring to organizations as they look to drive efficiencies, grow and deliver greater business outcomes,” said Stephen Leonard, Global Alliances and Partnerships Leader, Kyndryl. “With over three decades of experience in delivering data services, advanced security capabilities and managing complex IT environments, we are well-positioned to work alongside Microsoft to help organizations confidently apply generative AI at scale and positively impact their businesses while being mindful of known risks.”

The strategic partnership with Microsoft was Kyndryl’s first global strategic alliance upon becoming an independent public company. Together, the companies continue to unlock new areas of innovation that drive better business outcomes for customers and tap into incremental multi-billion-dollar revenue opportunities in fast-growing areas such as data modernization, governance and AI.

Edited by Alex Passett
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