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IBM and Salesforce Fast-Track Trustworthy AI Integration in Enterprises


IDC estimates that the AI Services market will grow from around $36 billion in 2023 to $65 billion in 2026. And the technology at the center of the growth is no other than generative AI, which has progressed quickly beyond experimentation as businesses embrace it to improve customer service and seize new market opportunities.

IBM Consulting is ready to help accelerate clients’ business transformations with enterprise-grade AI to get a piece of that growth through its Center of Excellence for Generative AI. The center comprises over 1,000 consultants with specialized generative AI expertise that are engaging with a global set of clients to drive productivity in IT operations and core business processes like HR or marketing, elevate their customer experiences and create new business models. The center is equipped with the full generative AI technology stack, including foundation models and 50-plus domain-specific classical machine learning accelerators aimed at helping clients improve productivity and foster innovation.

In another initiative, this one to help businesses worldwide across industries accelerate their adoption of AI for CRM, IBM forged a partnership with Salesforce, aimed at safeguarding the data encompassing customer, partner and employee interactions.

Leveraging its industry acumen and innovative delivery methodologies, such as the IBM Garage model, IBM Consulting will guide clients through the integration and deployment of Salesforce's AI technologies. This strategic approach aims to seamlessly unite various components of Salesforce's AI suite, including Einstein, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Slack.

In addition to assisting clients in effectively using Salesforce's generative AI tools, IBM Consulting complements these solutions with IBM watsonx. Watsonx is an AI and data platform designed to help businesses scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data across their business. It is a next-generation AI and data platform with a set of AI assistants designed to help businesses automate customer service, generate code and automate key workflows in departments such as HR.

Additionally, through IBM Consulting Managed Services for Salesforce, mutual clients gain access to a comprehensive suite of AI experience and implementation accelerators. This delivery and management framework is tailored to facilitate the deployment, scalability and enhancement of Salesforce. For instance, the IBM Data Classifier, an AI-powered application trained on industry-specific data models, streamlines the data mapping process.

"We see how the need to increase employee productivity while simultaneously elevating the customer experience with speed, personalization, and convenience has surged exponentially," said Matt Candy, global managing partner, generative AI, IBM Consulting. "Through our collaboration with Salesforce, we can help empower enterprise clients to scale and accelerate the adoption of generative AI that will support them to meet their business needs."

It should be noted that IBM Consulting's collaborative ethos does extend to its vibrant AI partner ecosystem, fostering an open and cooperative environment for planning, building, implementing and operating generative AI solutions. This approach allows clients to pinpoint the ideal models and architecture to achieve their desired outcomes.

IBM's own transformation journey provides a showcase of generative AI integration, with the utilization of Salesforce, Slack and IBM watsonx culminating in a 360-degree customer experience. This equips IBM's client service and sales divisions with a comprehensive view of the client journey. Therefore, global teams collaborate within a unified platform and deliver data-driven engagement that meets customers where they are. IBM used Salesforce's open API architecture to infuse IBM Watson Assistant into Salesforce Customer 360.

"Companies are embarking on a transformative journey fueled by generative AI. Salesforce partners like IBM Consulting play an important role in helping businesses use Salesforce's AI, data and CRM technologies to connect with their customers on a new level," said Steve Corfield, executive vice president and general manager, global alliances and channels, Salesforce. "Bringing Salesforce and IBM innovations together will help transform the way companies deliver personalized, engaging experiences."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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