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ServiceNow Introduces Automation Solutions in Vancouver Release


Industries are reshaped by digital innovation. Therefore, many organizations seek out strategic partnerships with trusted advisers and partners who can guide them through the digital transformation journey.

Trusted partners provide a bridge between the vision of digital transformation and its practical implementation, offering actionable insights and solutions to accelerate the achievement of tangible outcomes. The expertise of these partners allows businesses to more effectively utilize the full potential of emerging technologies, such as AI, data analytics and cloud computing, to gain a competitive edge.

Digital workflow company ServiceNow is one of those trusted partners, as it is dedicated to improving the global working environment for all. ServiceNow’s cloud-driven platform and offerings let organizations digitalize and harmonize their operations. This fosters stronger connections between employees and customers and fuels innovation.

With a commitment to make the working world better for everyone, ServiceNow has unveiled a comprehensive array of new automation solutions within the Now Platform Vancouver release. These solutions bolster security and governance, streamline essential processes in healthcare and finance, and expedite talent development via AI.

ServiceNow has continually fortified its extensive security portfolio to aid clients in adapting to contemporary threats. The Now Platform allows organizations to streamline the identification and management of incidents through intelligent automation, offering a comprehensive view of critical risks, including vulnerabilities and outages and safeguarding sensitive data through native platform encryption, all on a unified platform.

The introduction of ServiceNow Zero Trust Access, within ServiceNow Vault, assists clients in establishing a zero-trust framework for the Now Platform by implementing granular authentication policies based on various risk parameters, ensuring that authorized users can access the platform while protecting critical data.

To combat the escalating security challenges that extend beyond IT departments, ServiceNow expanded its Third-Party Risk Management to encompass a broader range of departments and industries, enhancing the visualization and management of security threats originating from external organizations. This offers organizations a singular source of truth for visualizing risks associated with third-party applications, facilitating a more holistic and streamlined approach to risk management. It features automated inherent risk questionnaires, out-of-the-box due-diligence workflows, and improved executive reporting for enhanced board-level visibility and organizational adaptability.

The widespread use of open-source software also introduced security concerns. To address this, ServiceNow introduced Software Bill of Materials management. This feature allows organizations to easily manage software component inventory, assess security risks, and respond to vulnerabilities, thus simplifying the management of cyber risk associated with open-source software.

ServiceNow's Vancouver release also places a focus on automating manual processes, allowing employees to dedicate their efforts to more complex tasks and achieve substantial efficiency improvements from digital investments.

For example, the Clinical Device Management (CDM) solution streamlines the management of healthcare devices, automating maintenance, part ordering and technician allocation, improving patient safety and reducing device maintenance costs. Additionally, the Accounts Payable Operations automates the accounts payable process, reducing manual process costs by up to 80%, positively impacting cash flow and supplier relationships.

ServiceNow’s Vancouver release also addresses the growing skills shortage and employee demand for continuous learning.

The Vancouver release introduces customizable and trackable growth plans, aligning skills development with career aspirations. Employees can set career goals, explore opportunities and take charge of their career development with AI-powered recommendations. This solution aims to facilitate informed career discussions between managers and employees while empowering individuals to take ownership of their professional growth.

"Both CEOs and CHROs know that skills are a core driver of every company's transformation. To enable this work at scale, technology has to keep pace," said Jacqui Canney, Chief People Officer at ServiceNow. "This solution bridges the gap between employees' existing skillsets and the necessary actions for development and propels organizational growth while unlocking everyone's full potential. It's not just a tool, it's how we will help reshape the future of workforce development, placing people at the heart of everything we do."

Additionally, ServiceNow introduced Now Assist, embedding generative AI across various workflows on the Now Platform. This update empowers customers to enhance productivity, enhance experiences, and boost agility across all business functions through the capabilities of generative AI.

“ServiceNow’s advantage is empowering enterprises to innovate for growth, on a single strategic platform that delivers fast results and great experiences,” said CJ Desai, Chief Operating Officer at ServiceNow. “As we integrate generative AI across our workflows, we’re simultaneously expanding our platform capabilities with the Vancouver release to give our customers exactly what they need in this moment.”

The Vancouver release integrates the latest in automation technology to help organizations maximize productivity, improve agility and drive cost efficiency, with high levels of digital trust and transparency.

Edited by Alex Passett
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