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HP and Poly Solutions Elevate Hybrid Workspace


The inaugural Work Relationship Index revealed a preference among knowledge workers for a flexible work environment that allows them to operate from various locations. This finding, which indicates that approximately two-thirds of knowledge workers value such flexibility, underscores the evolving nature of work in the modern era. The workforce increasingly seeks a balance between in-office and remote work, and companies are presented with a unique opportunity to adapt and meet these expectations.

To cater to this demand for flexibility, organizations must look at the implementation of advanced technological solutions. This, in turn, not only benefits employees but also supports the IT teams responsible for maintaining these systems. Doing this creates an adaptable approach that can enhance job satisfaction, boost productivity and contribute to a dynamic corporate culture.

In line with this commitment to fostering a flexible and technologically empowered work environment, HP recently introduced new solutions and PC accessories that elevate hybrid experiences for immersive virtual meetings, seamless collaboration and efficient workspaces. The solutions are Poly Studio Bundle, Poly Voyager Surround 85 UC Bluetooth headset, HP 430 FHD Webcam and 435 FHD Webcam, HP 460 Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and HP 475 Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard, and the HP 420/425 Programmable Bluetooth Mouse.

The Poly Studio Bundle is designed to take full advantage of the Zoom Rooms Intelligent Director feature. By applying AI technology, it aims to create a more inclusive and equitable meeting experience, particularly in larger conference rooms. It's worth noting that this is currently the sole complete solution designed for seamless compatibility with Zoom Rooms. The bundle comprises three Poly Studio E70 smart cameras, a Poly TC10 controller and an HP Mini Conferencing PC, offering a strong setup for advanced video conferencing and collaboration.

The bundle is expected to be available in November through select resellers.

The Poly Voyager Surround 85 UC Bluetooth headset comes equipped with NFC wireless charging capabilities, making it convenient for users on the go. Additionally, it includes a charging stand for added convenience. This headset is designed to elevate your audio experience during virtual meetings and communication, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality and comfort.

The headset is expected to be available on October 13 for $499.95.

The HP 430 FHD Webcam and 435 FHD Webcam, with their 1080p resolution, come equipped with advanced features like automatic focus, intelligent lighting adjustment and color correction, all of which work together to enhance video quality. These webcams are ideal for professional video calls, ensuring that you appear at your best in all lighting conditions.

The webcams are available for $59.99.

The HP 460 Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and HP 475 Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard are adjustable, spill-resistant and can be sanitized for hygiene. The standout feature is the ability to switch between up to three different devices via Bluetooth with a simple press of a button. For the HP 475 Wireless Keyboard, the included HP Unifying Dongle allows it to connect to eight compatible peripherals, enhancing your multitasking capabilities and reducing clutter on your desk.

The HP 460 Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is available for $44.99. The HP 475 Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard is expected to be available in mid-October for $49.

HP 420/425 Programmable Bluetooth Mouse offers a range of customizable features, including six programmable buttons and a quiet clicking mechanism. What sets it apart is its battery life, with up to two years of usage from just a single AA battery. This ensures that you can work comfortably without frequent interruptions for battery changes, making it a reliable choice for office and remote work setups.

The HP 420 Programmable Bluetooth Mouse and the HP 425 Programmable Bluetooth Mouse are available for $29.99.

It's crucial to equip employees and IT teams with the tools for hybrid work success. These solutions enable better workspaces, supporting diverse needs.

Edited by Alex Passett
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