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AI in the Land of Lincoln: Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc. Succeeds with Skit.ai's Services


Though I have the privilege of working remotely (and my location doesn’t at all impact my ability to provide stories for y’all), I’m an Illinois native, born and raised. (Though I do live in Indiana now, albeit it’s a part of Indiana that’s basically still Chicagoland, for what that’s worth.) So, just as I scoop up as many story topics as I can that pertain to gaming (as I’m a certified nerd, through and through), I also try to report on tech-related stories that involve my home state.

Case in point: Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc., a nearly century-old company (founded in 1924) headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, has entered into a partnership with Skit.ai. Skit.ai is a provider of an easy-to-deploy “Conversational/Voice AI” solution that provides support for the accounts receivable industry. (That, notably, has an automation market size that’s projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.2% over the next five years, according to a report from MarketsandMarkets Research.)

So, we’ve got Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc. that capitalizes on the latest technologies and payment monitoring resources to provide seamless services for businesses (and to improve their profitability and efficiency, in the long haul), and we’ve got Skit.ai and the compliance-centric intelligence it brings to the table, designed to deliver measurable business outcomes for a smarter tomorrow.

Makes sense to me.

Also, an important note: Perhaps it’s the cynic in me, but I feel like a slew of companies that are near a century or so old don’t necessarily deem it valuable to capitalize on AI or other cutting-edge technological solutions.

However, Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc. does find it valuable. That, I believe, will serve them well years down the line.

And already, the value of this partnership is evident. After Skit.ai deployed its solution, Pro Com Services, to quote the announcement, “saw its account penetration skyrocket with an additional 20,000 outbound calls performed by the solution daily.” By adopting Skit.ai’s solution, the Illinois company has taken a pivotal step in digitally transforming its processes. The solution has proven to be scalable, and the high volume of outbound calls to consumers has increased. (As has the number of inbound calls from consumers looking to resolve debts and seek help.) Being able to automate important parts of the Pro Com Services M.O. demonstrates that this assistance from AI – rather than limit the potential of a company like this one – has better equipped it to serve Illinoisans. It even handles natural-sounding, back-and-forth conversations with customers when human agents have to prioritize other tasks, which still fosters engagement and gets jobs done on multiple fronts.

"We were eager to find a new AI solution to automate some of our processes, grow our business, and offer consumers the possibility to solve their debt on their own without the need to speak with an agent,” affirmed Ryan Matrisch, the Director of Business Development at Pro Com Services of Illinois. “So when I learned about Skit.ai, I was positively impressed with their track record of working with companies of all sizes, including SMBs. Skit.ai's platform is very consistent; for us, it never has a bad day."

"Skit.ai implemented its Voice AI solution at Pro Com Services and, in under 24 hours, it delivered immediate and promising results, achieving a significant 47.91% engagement rate during connected calls with consumers,” said Sourabh Gupta, CEO of Skit.ai. “Many collection agencies have been benefitting from our solution, which can establish right-party contact, collect promise to pay, collect payments, and negotiate payment plans without any human intervention, all while remaining fully compliant with regulations.”

Though AI won’t be the end-all-be-all answer to everything, in time there will be more businesses like Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc. that see its value and jump on it.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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