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Beanie Babies Maker Ty Embraces Cloud Communications with Future of Work Expo, Future of CX Expo Speaker 8x8


As I started to write this article, two letters took me back to my childhood in the ’90s: Ty.

Just earlier this year, when visiting my parents, I dug through an old box of mine in the attic, and sure enough there were a few Beanie Babies I had received as small gifts when growing up.

And sure, I didn’t have those imaginative adventures with them that some might have, but I do remember them sitting on my shelf or at the top of my TV stand along with various toys and knick-knacks that I collected as a kid. Flash the Dolphin had fit in perfectly with the rest of the dolphin figurines I had.

But, I digress. Let’s get to the news.

Ty is a very well-known soft toy manufacturer, consisting of licensed properties such as Beanie Boos, Beanie Babies and Beanie Bellies, with hundreds of full-time employees across multiple locations in the U.S.

However, the company’s previous communication system was recently going to be discontinued. Ty knew it needed a new cloud contact center and UC solution capable of providing enhanced experiences and connecting its customers and employees, regardless of location.

Therefore, the soft toy manufacturer turned to 8x8 to deploy the 8x8 XCaaS cloud contact center and unified communications platform.

8x8 is a provider of cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company has evolved from a VoIP pioneer to a full-fledged UCaaS and CCaaS provider. Learn more from 8x8 Inc during speaker sessions from Patrick Russell, director of product management, Contact Center, 8x8, during Future of CX Expo and Justin Robbins, Evangelist, 8x8, during Future of Work Expo, February 13-15, 2024, at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

8x8 XCaaS is a cloud-based communications platform that goes beyond traditional unified communications and contact center services. It offers an integrated contact center with omnichannel tools and AI-powered insights to elevate customer service, alongside unified communications that connect employees through voice, video, chat and mobile capabilities. Additionally, the platform provides communication APIs for customized solutions, leveraging 8x8's global network and 99.999% uptime SLA for reliable performance.

XCaaS embodies a philosophy dedicated to creating improved communication experiences for business success. The platform's benefits include heightened employee productivity and collaboration, enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased operational efficiency and agility and reduced costs and complexity.

Ty chose the 8x8 XCaaS platform for its cloud contact center, business phone, video meetings, team chat and SMS capabilities, and to improve collaboration and communication between its customers and employees.

“Implementation was incredibly fast and efficient, allowing us to easily train our employees on the new system so they were able to hit the ground running serving our customers immediately,” said John Thomas, a system administrator at Ty. “Our previous system made it incredibly difficult to make even the smallest changes, but with 8x8 we’re able to be more flexible and can optimize the system for our real-time customer and employee needs.”

Since deploying 8x8, Ty has realized a yearly savings of $75,000 by switching to a cloud-based, single-vendor contact center and UC platform. Additionally, Ty started to offer an enhanced experience by giving customers a callback option when calling the contact center, with 91.7% of customers opting for this feature.

“With 8x8 XCaaS, Ty has been able to meet the specific metrics they had in mind, such as reducing cost and contact center wait times, while also improving their employee experiences and collaboration, all of which are the key ingredients to providing a great customer experience,” said Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8x8.

During the process, IT consultant Morgan Birge provided expert advice to Ty to modernize their communications and collaboration infrastructure.

To hear more from Russell about architecture and platform integration and Robbins about contact center agents, join them for their sessions at Future of CX Expo and Future of Work Expo 2024, respectively. At Future of CX Expo, discuss the latest research and development in the CX field and tools needed to launch applications of future of CX in a range of industries. Future of Work Expo provides a three-day experience focusing on defining and understanding the changing workplace and workforce, and how companies can leverage technology to succeed in light of these changing dynamics. Future of CX Expo and Future of Work Expo take place February 13-15, 2024, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, alongside several other business technology events that are part of #TECHSUPERSHOW.

Edited by Alex Passett
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