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Intermedia Unite AI Assistant Integrates Generative Power into Communications Hub


Intermedia is a cloud communications company that helps over 135,000 businesses connect better. This is done through voice, video conferencing, chat, SMS, contact center, business email and productivity, file sharing and backup, security, archiving and more – from wherever, whenever.

Intermedia strives to eliminate the need for multiple communications service providers with an integrated portfolio of intelligent communications and collaboration solutions, including its flagship product, Intermedia Unite, all delivered through one highly reliable and secure platform.

Intermedia Unite is a fully integrated cloud-based unified communications platform for SMBs. It combines the phone system, chat, video, screen sharing, file management and conference calling into a seamless experience that fits with the business’ size, needs and work style.

Building on those capabilities, Intermedia unveiled Intermedia Unite AI Assistant, a tool that will provide businesses the transformative potential of generative AI. Embedded directly within the Unite platform, this AI assistant transcends mere automation, streamlining workflows, enhancing information access and amplifying employee productivity. Users can access its functionalities directly through the chat interface, eliminating the need for context switching or unfamiliar interfaces.

Unite AI Assistant operates on a powerful premise: freeing employees from tedious tasks to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Uncover insights buried within mountains of data with Unite AI Assistant's advanced summarization abilities. Whether analyzing complex reports, deciphering lengthy contracts or staying abreast of industry trends, employees can receive concise, readily digestible summaries, maximizing their knowledge and decision-making capabilities.

Break free from the binds of tedium. Tasks like scheduling meetings, composing routine emails and generating basic reports can be effortlessly handled by Unite AI Assistant. This frees up valuable time for employees to tackle more complex challenges.

Breathe life into ideas with Unite AI Assistant's intuitive content generation capabilities. Whether crafting compelling marketing copy, generating engaging social media posts or drafting insightful project proposals, employees can leverage the AI's assistance to produce high-quality content.

The long-story-short of this is that Intermedia understands the critical importance of data privacy and security. Built with a privacy-first approach, Unite AI Assistant operates without storing user interactions or data within the broader generative AI engine. This ensures complete data confidentiality and peace of mind for both businesses and employees.

"With the introduction of Intermedia Unite AI Assistant, we're taking a significant step forward in making AI accessible, secure and an indispensable part of the workplace," said Mark Sher, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, Intermedia. "Whether it's helping to draft emails, memos or other content, summarizing data or assisting with research, Unite AI Assistant is yet another example of Intermedia designing and delivering technology that helps businesses of all sizes gain greater efficiency and productivity."

With its intuitive interface, powerful capabilities, and unwavering commitment to privacy, Intermedia Unite AI Assistant positions itself as a gamechanger in the business communications landscape. Intermedia is better prepared to provide businesses with the tools and intelligence necessary to navigate the future with confidence.

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