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CircleCI Gears Up for AI: New CI/CD Features Fuel Innovation for Developers Building AI-Powered Applications


Over the past few years, we have seen around 50% of organizations adopt AI, which is more than double from 2017, according to a McKinsey and Co. report. Sure, the widespread adoption of AI technologies is great, but it also highlights the significance of having tools that not only facilitate the creation of sophisticated AI solutions but also ensure accessibility for a broader range of developers.

The demand for robust development tools is driven by the complexity of AI applications and the necessity to streamline the development process. Accessible tools play a crucial role in democratizing AI development. Why? They allow for a more diverse group of professionals to contribute to and benefit from the advancements in AI technology.

Recognizing the burgeoning demand for streamlined AI development workflows, CircleCI, a continuous integration and continuous delivery, CI/CD, platform, announced a suite of features designed to empower software teams building AI-powered applications. 

CircleCI’s AI-ready CI/CD offering revolves around three key pillars: enhanced computational resources, flexible integration points and dedicated tooling for AI workflows.

Firstly, CircleCI rolled out a new generation GPU resource class that leverages the latest NVIDIA GPUs on Amazon EC2 G5 instances. This translates to faster training times for AI models and smoother execution of computationally intensive AI tasks within the CI/CD pipeline. 

Secondly, CircleCI introduced new inbound webhooks that offer greater flexibility in triggering CI/CD pipelines. This allows seamless integration with popular AI platforms like Hugging Face, enabling developers to seamlessly incorporate model training and evaluation results into their CI/CD workflows. Additionally, a dedicated CircleCI Orb for Amazon SageMaker streamlines the deployment and monitoring of AI models at scale.

Finally, CircleCI partnered with LangSmith, an AI evaluation platform, to provide developers with a robust framework for testing and validating their AI models. This integration simplifies the process of measuring model accuracy, fairness and robustness.

These features address pain points encountered by software teams venturing into the realm of AI development. The introduction of AI-specific resources and integrations reduces the overhead associated with setting up and managing complex AI pipelines. This will allow developers to focus on building innovative applications.

“Software teams are building the next wave of AI-powered applications that solve specific customer pain points,” said Rob Zuber, Chief Technology Officer at CircleCI. “While many teams find it difficult to get started, at the end of the day, we’re still building software. By supporting AI product builders with CircleCI’s comprehensive CI/CD tooling, engineering teams can confidently build upon years of key learnings while also addressing the novel changes AI introduces.”

CircleCI's commitment to AI-ready CI/CD positions the platform as a key player in AI development. With its focus on powerful hardware, flexible integrations and dedicated AI tooling, CircleCI allows developers to unlock the full potential of AI.

Edited by Alex Passett
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