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IBM Consulting Advantage? ITEXPO Keynoter's AI Platform Streamlines Expertise for Faster Client Solutions


ITEXPO is almost upon us. Next week, February 13-15, the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will be a place where buyers, sellers and IT industry experts come together for educational conference sessions, networking opportunities and an expansive expo hall that showcases the latest technologies and solutions.

One of the many standout events will be a keynote presentation by Kate Soule, Program Director for Generative AI Research, IBM, who will talk about how organizations can put AI to work. IBM has been a pioneer for global hybrid cloud and AI solutions. Its professional services and consulting arm, IBM Consulting, helps accelerate business transformation through hybrid cloud and AI technologies. That’s why IBM Consulting is the trusted partner to many innovative and valuable companies, helping modernize and secure their most complex systems.

And in more recent news, IBM Consulting announced the launch of IBM Consulting Advantage, a groundbreaking AI services platform designed to transform how the firm delivers solutions.

IBM Consulting Advantage is not just another technology platform. It's an ecosystem of AI-powered tools and resources that lets consultants elevate their expertise and deliver high-level client experiences. The platform features a library of IBM Consulting Assistants, role-based AI tools designed to tackle specific client challenges. These assistants utilize pre-trained models, data and expertise, which allows consultants to access tailored insights and recommendations on topics ranging from user persona creation to specific code generation.

The platform offers a comprehensive suite of proprietary methods and purpose-built AI assets. This includes proven methodologies, frameworks and industry-specific templates, all readily accessible and adaptable to individual client needs. Consultants can leverage these assets to streamline project workflows, reduce duplication of effort and ensure consistent application of best practices across engagements.

IBM Consulting Advantage prioritizes speed and agility. The platform incorporates a library of pre-engineered solutions addressing common client challenges across various industries. These solutions come pre-configured with relevant data, models and tools.

The platform also incorporates robust security measures, including the ability to create secure project spaces with limited access. Additionally, IBM Consulting Assistants can be set up with private instances of generative AI models that do not store or use data for model training, ensuring client data remains protected.

"The IBM Consulting Advantage platform lets us harness more of our intellectual property, including an array of AI assistants, in our client engagements,” said Mohamad Ali, Chief Operating Officer, IBM Consulting. “This allows our consultants to be even more creative and productive as they use the platform to deliver greater value faster to thousands of our clients."

The implications of IBM Consulting Advantage are significant for clients and the consulting. Clients will see faster time to value, improved consistency in project delivery and access to cutting-edge AI-powered solutions. For the industry, IBM's move sets a precedent for leveraging AI to enhance client experiences and drive innovation.

For example, Dun & Bradstreet, a global provider of business decisioning data and analytics, will work with IBM consultants using these capabilities as they build and scale new AI use cases leveraging Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud and IBM watsonx to help improve employee productivity and customer experiences.

This platform ensures consistency, repeatability and speed in client engagements. The result? Faster time to outcomes and enhanced business value.

To hear more from Soule about putting AI to work, join her for her keynote session at ITEXPO 2024, taking place February 13-15, 2024, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW. Since 1999, ITEXPO has combined educational conference programming with a robust exhibit hall, networking events, and other activities, bringing together buyers and providers of business technology products and services that drive business success.

Edited by Alex Passett
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