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Discussing Dynamic GenAI Use Cases at Generative AI Expo 2024


We’ve arrived, readers — Generative AI Expo is upon us!

A message from our team: Generative AI Expo is not merely a ''future-looking'' event presenting pie-in-the-sky visions of generative AI possibilities. Instead, this conference showcases how GenAI applications are actively helping businesses improve operations, enhance customers’ experiences, and create new opportunities for growth now.

With this in mind, I found myself earlier this morning walking the third floor of the Broward County Convention Center here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the bustle of speakers and attendees hopping between GenAI-centric sessions was the liveliest I’ve seen to date.

So, I swung by and attended a Generative AI Expo session titled “GenAI and the Impact on the Enterprise.” Moderator Jeff Dworkin, Managing Director of Cloud Voice Alliance, led the session as its panelists laid out a wealth of demonstrative GenAI case study information for those of us in attendance.

The panelists in question?

The long-story-short of the session: This discussion was interactive and explored a few recent case studies concerning GenAI and its impact on various enterprises. Attending were plenty of developers, sales and marketing reps, as well as (as Dworkin put it) “folks simply wanting to know what the heck GenAI is and how it’s being used.”

First, Tristan Barnum spoke about a client’s story — designing an automated travel itinerary builder. This is a simple web interface that automates the filling-out of travel info relevant to respective travelers; their interests, travel goals, and so on. In seconds, the GenAI being put to task is able to spit out responses to travelers’ vacation interests and could-travel-tos. This is information that can, as we know, be Googled; that said, this GenAI negates intense needs for travel agents and people manually booking fights and restaurant reservations and tickets for desired events. Before artificial intelligence, the difficulty of building all of this without getting eaten alive by the costs would’ve been, well, much more difficult. Now, GenAI helps to offset that through a self-monetized and automated system.

“An all-around fantastic use case for the GenAI currently available,” she added.

Up next was Alexandra Ilinska of MobiDev. Ilinska talked about the healthcare industry and one of MobiDev’s clients in Switzerland; around four years ago, this particular client’s clinic needed to more reliably process images, and this need was very noticeably growing. (Combined with predictive analysis-based needs from doctors regarding certain disease studies, to boot.) Taking a look at large and intricate medical images to ensure they’re processed correctly is vital, and using GenAI to facilitate that and to understand (and, again, precisely predict) how diseases will grow is what many would call revolutionary.

“Medical recommendations right here and now — with the data highly protected, of course — is incredible. Training and further improving AI models so they’re even more affordable and available for medical practitioners and their patients is our priority. After all, AI is great for entertainment and providing joyful content, but harnessing it for these medical purposes should absolutely be the next step,” Ilinska explained.

Finally, Dr. Mirpuri. She described another vertical where AI has myriad applications — namely, the legal industry. The use case that Dr. Mirpuri highlighted focused on a client (a lawyer) who was tasked with pouring through and summarizing templates and documentation.

“We felt that GenAI was perfect because we were able to build the client a website and even introduce and integrate a chatbot: ‘Lisa, the Legal AI Assistant.’ Lisa’s role was to conversationally engage with users and draw out details that the lawyer required. In this case, Lisa was successful.”

Moreover, an important consideration is the bevy of laws and jurisdictions to be followed to the letter, so Lisa’s interface was something that Brightpoint AI’s client grew comfortable with (in terms of typing as well as actually talking).

“It’s very intuitive,” Dr. Mirpuri said. “So, using GenAI technologies like Lisa, our client was able to generate a ‘living bill’ without as much time-consuming human intervention.” (Though importantly, she clarified that the bill was sent for human corrections and final review before it was notarized and sent to the necessary parties.)

It’s these kinds of document-parsing and document-classifying abilities that GenAI brings to the table, though (to reiterate) never without the human touch.

Once questions from the audience were raised, additional subtopics were covered regarding restaurant and hotel involvement with travel-assisting AI, affiliate revenue and marketing infrastructures, as well as concerns with addressing AI hallucinations, the quality of the data therein, AI explainability and ethics, and the importance of training the models smartly in order to avoid biases and skewed outputs with the requisite guardrails.

“Overall,” Dworkin said in closing, “GenAI is clearly being used to sift through mountains of otherwise obscured data to return a refined and well-researched package, of sorts, so humans can make more intelligent decisions. The actual value this brings to the products’ users is great, and the problems GenAI is helping to solve are now more realistically solvable. What’s produced are tremendous solutions that weren’t nearly as producible before. And though the risks can also rise more quickly, it’s important that the checks put in place are ready to handle this kind of AI mechanism-based acceleration. That way, we do our due diligence, and we meet and achieve expectations.”

Learn more about this ongoing Generative AI Expo here.

Edited by Alex Passett
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