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Quantive Launches StrategyAI to Accelerate 'Always-On' Solutions for Modern Organizations


Let’s talk about strategy management software and services company, Quantive.

The team at Quantive believes organizations of all sizes – across all industries, too – can reliably create their own competitive advantages through modern strategic agility. Their solutions have become trusted by the likes of T-Mobile, Adobe, Mazda, Ubisoft and plenty more.

The company’s journey to make this happen kicked off in 2015, when its founders envisioned a different kind of analytics platform where organizations would be able too track their most important metrics with ease. In 2016, Quantive launched this data-driven OKR platform and got to work on fine-tuning it. Then, in 2019 (after a successful $9 million Series A funding round with CRV), Quantive established its headquarters in Denver, Colorado and began to support hundreds of new customers, both nationally and internationally.

In the years to come, Quantive would grow its employee base, succeed via a $30 million Series B round led by Insight Partners (then a whopping $120 million Series C round led by Index Ventures, smack dab in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic when the adoption of hybrid work accelerated immensely), leading them to the present day. Now, Quantive integrates AI throughout its entire management process; from strategy development to execution and measurement, even as global business conditions continue to rapidly change.

With this context in mind, we’re talking more specifically today about Quantive’s latest AI endeavor:


Earlier this morning, Quantive announced StrategyAI as “a first-of-its-kind offering brings together the data, technology, and expertise organizations need to turn their strategic ambitions into reality within a single solution.” StrategyAI will help organizations bridge what the company calls the very apparent “strategy gap” that exists in many current business environments, and it will achieve this by integrating supportive intelligence throughout strategic management processes. (i.e. Quantive’s ideal result for organizations is with support from an “always-on” model where business context and environments change, but results stay consistent)

“The wealth of data and the diffusion of AI technologies now allow organizations to reimagine their approach to strategic decision-making completely,” said Quantive CEO Carmine Visconti. “The decades-old approach of a few smart people stepping aside once a year to determine which strategic bets to make is over. It never really made sense if you think about it, but we really had no viable alternative. Now, we do. AI and data democratization change everything, as they enable full alignment between the velocity of making strategic and financially sound decisions with the speed of change in business today.”

Overall, Quantive StrategyAI accelerates forging valuable insights across the entire strategy management process with hundreds of prebuilt connectors and a no-code integration interface. Quantive StrategyAI is also built with the ability to scale, and includes the requisite controls for large, privacy and security-sensitive enterprises.

For additional Quantive resources, read here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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