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Cisco, Ford Bridge Connectivity Gap for Mobile Professionals


For many professionals, the workday doesn't end at the office door. Business travel, client meetings outside the office, and even the daily commute are all just as valuable. However, until recently, these mobile work environments often presented a challenge; a connectivity gap, and a big one at that.

Limited or unreliable internet access, particularly in rural areas or during travel, hinders a professional's ability to access important files, cloud-based applications or video conferencing tools. Additionally, the lack of dedicated workspaces on the go made it difficult to stay focused and productive.

The consequences of this gap can be significant, too. Missed deadlines, hampered communication with colleagues and an inability to access critical information all took a toll on efficiency and productivity. This reality forced many professionals to choose between staying connected and being physically present at appointments or during commutes.

Recent advancements in technology, however, are starting to bridge this connectivity gap. Such is the case regarding Cisco and Ford having announced the availability of the Webex app for conferencing and collaboration within the Ford and Lincoln Digital Experience infotainment system.

Cisco and Ford have collaborated to develop a custom-built solution optimized for the in-vehicle environment, which transform the car into a viable alternative workspace. The app leverages Webex's AI background noise removal technology and integrates with the native infotainment system. It allows Webex users to work on the go without needing a separate tablet, smartphone or laptop.

For example, drivers can join audio-only Webex meetings and calls directly from the in-vehicle touchscreen while on the road. When parked, drivers can also participate in full Webex meetings, including viewing remote participants' video and shared content, sharing reactions and accessing the participant list. These features are all part of the Webex Suite, known for its consistent, secure, and reliable collaboration capabilities.

"By integrating Webex into Ford's vehicles, we're giving customers the choice to collaborate from anywhere, transforming vehicles into extensions of their workspace without sacrifice," said Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Security and Collaboration.

The long-story-short of this? This integration allows Ford and Lincoln customers with select vehicles to work from anywhere with seamless connectivity and immersive meeting experiences.

“Our goal is to deliver a driver-first experience that can be customized and personalized to meet our customers' needs, whether to stay productive or entertained,” said Chet Dhruna, General Manager, Connect and Engage Integrated Services, Ford. “Now, the cabin in Ford and Lincoln vehicles can be transformed into a true alternative workspace with the Webex app, plus the ability to access 5G wireless technology capability and the option to activate a Wi-Fi hot spot to connect multiple devices.”

The Webex app is available to download on Google Play in vehicles equipped with the Ford and Lincoln Digital Experience, including on the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus (and coming soon on the new 2025 Lincoln Aviator and 2025 Ford Explorer).

Edited by Alex Passett
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