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NICE Equips CX Workforce with Next-Gen AI


The adoption of AI in workplaces surged past the 40% mark in 2023, according to research by Metrigy, a research firm specializing in CX optimization. This rise suggests the growing recognition of AI's potential to streamline operations and enhance customer service operations.

The study also revealed promising results for organizations that have implemented AI-powered solutions to improve customer interactions. These companies reported a notable 30% reduction in interaction handle time, signifying a swifter resolution process for customer inquiries. This translates to a more efficient use of resources and potentially shorter wait times for customers.

Plus, the research went on to indicate a positive impact on sales figures, with companies experiencing a 36% increase. This could be attributed to AI's ability to personalize recommendations, identify upselling opportunities and automate tasks.

And companies using AI reported a 29% reduction in agent attrition. AI-powered tools can automate repetitive tasks, alleviating agent workload and reducing burnout. Additionally, AI can provide real-time coaching and guidance.

The long story short? The above benefits highlight the transformative potential of AI for organizations seeking to optimize customer interactions.

To build on the potential of AI in the CX space, NICE announced a new generation of Enlighten Copilot specifically designed for supervisors and CX decision-makers. This AI-powered solution addresses the growing demand for AI-assisted tools to navigate the complexities of operational and analytical tasks in CX.

Enlighten Copilot, as a CX-specific AI copilot, offers real-time analysis of an organization's CX data. This empowers both employees and leaders to take immediate action and drive next-generation CX initiatives.

NICE offers a comprehensive suite of Enlighten Copilot solutions to address business needs across all levels of a CX organization. The new offering, Enlighten Copilot for Supervisors, joins the existing portfolio that includes Enlighten Copilot for Agents and Enlighten Actions.

Enlighten Copilot for Supervisors equips supervisors with a real-time view of agent performance, which lets them pinpoint areas for improvement and maximize team effectiveness. 

This is achieved by delivering a comprehensive view of agent performance, identifying areas where supervisors can provide the most effective coaching. generating real-time alerts with context and equipping CX Leaders with NICE Enlighten Actions

NICE Enlighten Actions, drawing data from both Enlighten Copilot and CXone, offers a conversational interface for CX leaders to generate and respond to their needs in real-time, eliminating the need for coding. Actions grants CX leaders complete visibility into operations.

As for NICE's Enlighten Copilot for Agents, it enhances agent-assisted interactions by providing them with relevant content, eliminating the need for manual searches. The solution combines real-time context from interactions with an organization's knowledge base to recommend both behavioral and technical best practices.

This allows agents to perform at their peak by generating real-time, conversational responses to guide interactions toward ideal outcomes, and by identifying and recommending customized compliance and upsell opportunities during conversations.

“Built from thousands of models trained on CX-specific interactions, NICE Enlighten Copilot amplifies skilled labor, automating repetitive tasks and delivering faster access to knowledge,” said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE. “In combination with NICE Enlighten Actions, CX leaders can increase decision velocity and realize business goals faster, streamlining operations and ultimately driving exceptional customer experience.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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