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Atomicwork and Cohere Partner on AI-Powered Workplace


You're swamped with a project deadline, frantically searching internal knowledge bases and toggling between different apps for answers. Frustration mounts as valuable minutes tick by.

I believe we all have been in this scenario many times in the past. With that said, this scenario could soon be a relic of the past.

In a move designed to propel business efficiency and empower employees, Atomicwork, a provider of AI-powered IT service management, launched its innovative digital workplace experience solution. The platform, co-developed with Cohere, a trailblazer in enterprise AI technology, streamlines workflows, automates IT support and revolutionizes the way employees access information.

Atomicwork is a digital workplace experience platform that delivers modern service management to enterprises. With the platform, businesses deliver fast and scalable internal support for their employees and end users.

Cohere is an AI platform for enterprise. Its AI is uniquely suited to the needs of business and unlocks ease-of-use, accessibility and data privacy. Cohere's platform is cloud-agnostic, accessible through API as a managed service and can be deployed on virtual private cloud or on-site to meet companies where their data is.

“This strategic collaboration of Atomicwork with Cohere enables us to deliver advanced and secure enterprise AI capabilities for our clients to streamline business workflow automations,” said Vijay Rayapati, Atomicwork's CEO.

At the heart of the solution lies Atom AI, Atomicwork's intelligent digital assistant. Unlike traditional support tools, Atom AI uses contextual awareness to grasp the specific work environment of each user. This allows it to deliver intelligent and personalized solutions to employee queries, which develops a more streamlined and productive support experience.

Also, this is something many like to see: “gone are the days of toggling between multiple applications.” Atom AI integrates with popular collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack by providing instant help directly within the user's workflow.

Now to get into the meat of the launch, which boasts several key advancements:

Embedded within Atom AI are advanced skills that autonomously resolve IT support issues from start to finish. By understanding the user's work context, Atom AI empowers true self-service for employees, and reduces the burden on IT teams and allows them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Collaboration platform integrations-wise, the new solution does integrate with various business applications and internal resources, which offers advanced knowledge retrieval capabilities. Employees gain access to the information they need – precisely when they need it – directly within their workflow, which boosts overall productivity and user experience.

Atomicwork's platform also features an embedded integration platform as a service. This eliminates the headache of complex IT integration for businesses. Teams can connect various business applications and internal services, which then creates a more modern approach to enterprise service management while streamlining overall workflows.

The driving force behind Atomicwork's solution is Cohere. Powering Atom AI is Cohere's most advanced large language model, Command R+. Specifically designed for real-world enterprise applications, Command R+, coupled with Cohere's Rerank model, equips Atom AI with exceptional accuracy and performance.

"Cohere's new Command-R+ model delivers state-of-the-art accuracy, while offering a remarkable 50% reduction in latency when compared to more expensive models,” said Kiran Darisi, Chief Technology Officer, Atomicwork. “This powerful combination of performance and efficiency empowers our AI-first approach to unlock new possibilities and provide exceptional experiences for our customers.”

The Cohere team is curious about Atomicwork using Cohere's Command R model family to power their new digital workplace experience solution, and excited.

“Atomicwork's software has the potential to significantly boost productivity for enterprise IT teams,” said Abhishek Sinha, Vice President of Product at Cohere. “We look forward to seeing the real-world benefits leaders like Atomicwork develop with our technology to help transform the global IT sector with AI.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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